Random Acts of Manliness

Random Acts of Manliness, aka R.A.M., are those favors you do for friends, family, and complete strangers, not because you care about getting recognition, but because you have the RAM Truck to do the job.

Recently we put a call out to RAM drivers on Facebook and Twitter for their best R.A.M. stories. Since then examples of Random Acts of Manliness (and, ahem, Womanliness too) have been rolling in from folks who put their truck to work for the good of others. Here are three among our many favorites:

  • I am a volunteer firefighter and use my RAMs every time the tones go off. I have used both my 1995 RAM 4×4 Sport and my 2005 shown in the picture above* (sorry the 1950 just isn’t fast enough) to answer the call when people are in need. I have been off-road and through the woods where our fire trucks just can’t go. I grew up riding in Dodge trucks and wouldn’t own anything else! My RAMs have never let me down! (Jason H. via Facebook)
  • I don’t have pics, and I would call it womanliness, not manliness, but two winters ago my RAM and I pulled an 18 wheeler out of the snow…it was empowering. (Tonia R. via Facebook)
  • While at the dunes for Thanksgiving we pulled two different F250s out of the sand, both with their toy haulers attached, with my ‘07 RAM 2500 5.9 Cummins! (Tim S. via Facebook)

Have a R.A.M. story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it. Post it to our Facebook page or even on Twitter (#RAMActs).

*Jason H. posted this picture to Facebook and we liked it so much, we thought we’d use it again for the blog. Thanks, Jason!