Introducing the Ram Heavy Duty Black

The 2014 Ram Heavy Duty is about to get a dangerous-looking makeover — in the form of the fabled Ram “Black Package.”

You’ve probably seen the 2014 Ram Black Express. We’re taking those same hard-looking features, upgrading them, and putting them in the Ram Heavy Duty (2500 and 3500 SRW).

Enter the Ram Black Appearance Group. With best-in-class power in both gas and diesel, we’re bringing you a truck flanked with brute-force and enviable style. We’re also including features you won’t find anywhere else in the segment but a Ram Truck, like the Cargo-view Camera, RamBox and manual transmission for diesel.

heavy duty

You’ll know this truck immediately by its standout, all-black exterior. From 20-inch black aluminum wheels to the black grille surround with black horizontal inserts, the black package doesn’t miss a spot. Even the front and back head badges fit the look, and body side badging is removed (unless your truck comes with a Cummins engine — in which case we’re willing to gloat a bit).

We’ve also made sure the lights align to feature premium bi-functional halogen projector headlamps with black bezels, 15 amber LEDs for park/turn/position lamps and three amber LEDs for the side markers. There is black finish on the tail lamps, too, which are comprised of 15 red LEDs with three red LEDs for the side markers. To top it all off, ParkvView and ParksSense come standard with the Ram Heavy Duty Black package.

The Ram Heavy Duty Black is the meanest-looking truck you can drive off the lot, and it’s got the strength and power to back it up. Will you get behind the wheel?

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Ram 1500 EcoDiesel One Tank Trip: Grand Canyon to the Rocky Mountains

Ram 1500 EcoDisel, Ram 1500, Ram Truck, TruckWe’ve taken you along coastlines, across bridges, through multiple states and into cities full of culture, but we’re still not finished. A couple of road trips just aren’t enough when the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is capable of going so far on so little. So this time around, we looked at how far one tank of fuel can take you through the wilderness.

650 Miles Between Peaks and Valleys

Trekking From the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon

The United States is full of natural wonders, and arguably, the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon are among the most breathtaking. Driving from one to the other promises some of the most majestic sights with plenty of great stops along the way. We’ve chosen Denver, Colorado, as the beginning of this adventure for a few reasons. The city boasts great attractions such as museums, a zoo and theme parks that beg to be explored before embarking on your trip. Not only is Denver a big city full of great local industry to explore, it’s also a city full of people who truly appreciate the outdoors. It’s the perfect place to stock up on the toys and tools you’ll need for your trip—from kayaks and hiking boots to backpacks and tents. From here, you’ll drive southwest through the beautiful peaks of the Rocky Mountains where you can stop for an afternoon hike or picnic and take in the views. Finally, you’ll round off your trip looking down into the valleys of the Grand Canyon that have been carved out by the water of the Colorado River. There’s no telling where you’ll be inspired to go next when you take the time to stand next to natural wonders such as that.


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Ram 1500 Cab and Bed Versatility

Ram 1500, Ram Truck, TruckRam Trucks are always strong and powerful. They’re made that way with the purpose of helping you get where you need to be and your work done in a powerful way.

They’re also versatile. Every day, loyal Ram drivers put their trucks to work for meaningful, unique projects. Each job is its own beast, and that’s why we’ve made sure there’s a Ram Truck available for each and every need. Here’s a look at a few of the different size combinations you can choose from in a Ram 1500.

The Crew Cab: Mid Box

You might call it the granddaddy of the Ram 1500 size combinations (and not because it’s old). This trim is designed for the big team and the big task. Over 125 cubic feet of cab space means you can carry up to six people to the worksite in comfort with over 40-inches of legroom in both the front and back. The 6-foot 4-inch bed will make sure all your equipment catches the ride, too.

The Quad Cab®: Mid Box

If the cab of your truck needs to haul more than just people, the Quad Cab®: Mid Box Ram 1500 could be just for you. With reverse rear-door hinges, this truck will open up wide for more convenient loading of the 116.6 cubic-foot cab. Keep that same 6-foot 4-inch bed, and your truck is the ideal toolbox.

The Regular Cab: Long Box

You’d be amazed what a difference 20 inches can make. The Regular Cab: Long Box Ram 1500 lets you haul more to the worksite with a long 8-foot bed, so you don’t have to leave anything behind. This truck still boasts 41 inches of legroom in a cab that seats three, so you don’t lose any of the comfort you expect in a Ram Truck.

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Ram 1500 EcoDiesel One Tank Trips: Pacific Coast Highway

Ram, Ram Truck, Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, Road TripWhen Ram Trucks aren’t at work they’re at play. One of the best ways to play in a Ram Truck is to take it on the road. At 28 mpg highway, the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is the perfect truck for those weekend road trips or coast to coast treks. To prove our point, we’ve done a little digging to take you on some trips using just one tank of fuel in your EcoDiesel. Don’t believe us? Do the math yourself and then get on the road for your next Ram Adventure.

600 Miles of Sea and Sun

The drive from San Diego to Napa Valley is the perfect trip if you’re looking for some coastline and sunshine after a hard winter. A major portion of this trip takes you along the Pacific Coast Highway. The PCH boasts some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean and wraps along the coast for hundreds of miles. In addition to having some of the most breathtaking views in the U.S., this route also gives you the opportunity to pass through some of the most culturally rich, fun cities on the West coast. San Diego is a great city to start and has tons to do from Legoland California and the San Diego Zoo to great beaches and lighthouses. From there, your next stop is Los Angeles. Whatever you’re into, LA probably has something for you within its city life. If you keep driving north, you’ll eventually get to San Francisco which boasts some of the best food, arts, and culture in the country. Leaving San Fran by way of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can finish up your adventure crossing through California’s Redwood Forests and into Napa Valley. Napa is home to California wine country where you can visit vineyards, enjoy the countryside, or simply lay back and relax.

Here’s a route for inspiration.

Check back here over the next several weeks for some great travel ideas-all of which you can do on a single tank of fuel. Yea, we’re just as excited as you are. What trips do you have planned for your EcoDiesel? Tell us in the comments, below.

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A Truck for Every Type: Ram Trucks Deliver for Every Lifestyle

Ram Trucks, 2014 Ram 1500

“Guts. Glory. Ram.” is our motto, but it doesn’t just apply to our trucks when they’re getting work done. The guts and glory in our trucks is for all different lifestyles, from getting the kids to school on time in the mornings to getting outside with enough room for bikes, kayaks and whatever toys you need to make it the best time. To make it clearer just how great a fit Ram trucks are for your life, we’ve broken down some of our favorite Ram details to show how they’ll work for you.


Whether the miles you’re putting on your truck are spent getting the job done or getting you where you want to go on a weekend road trip, those little extra details matter. The 28 miles per gallon EcoDiesel is a perfect fit for the work truck that’s on the move, while the 2500 Laramie will bring you the ultra-amount of comfort all the way from a short drive to a coast-to-coast haul. And you’ll never have to worry about over-packing because the built-in Ram-Box gives you the room and protection you need to make sure you’ve got every toy and piece of gear you need for your trip.


Cold, snow, ice and salt come with the territory for those living in the northern United States. How does Ram make your every day a little easier? It’s in the little details, from remote start and keyless entry to having a truck that can handle a plow and get the job done in negative temperatures and harsh elements.


Those who live in the South are no strangers to their own set of challenging elements. You may be launching your boat into the Deep South’s bayous or spending your days on the coast, where the heat and salty air can do its own damage. Either way, Ram Trucks are built to take a beating from the spray-in bedliner to the tri-fold tonneau cover that keep you covered.


Not every day needs towing capacity and the ability to handle rough terrain. Some days need safety and comfort to give you the peace of mind to know that your family is covered when in your Ram. Features such as Uconnect bring easy navigation and entertainment to your fingertips. The combination of ParkView rear back-up cameras and LED interior lighting bring maximum comfort to travelling in your Ram. All this puts a husband, wife or parent at ease when getting from A to B.


Bucket seats and a rear sliding window are among the details that make the Ram cab the perfect spot for man’s best friend, whether you’re getting work done on the farm or taking a joy ride with the windows down. Or maybe your four-legged friends are a bit larger. The towing capacity of Ram Trucks is the assurance you need when towing cargo as precious as your horses, so you can trust that all of you will get to the next rodeo comfortably and safely.

So whether you’re using your vehicle to tear up the competition on the work site or simply to make sure you’ve got all the equipment packed for your weekend camping trip, Ram trucks have your back with all the features and capabilities you need.

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