Real People, Real Trucks | Can’t Keep a Good Truck Down

Can't-Keep-a-Good-Ram-Truck-DownJoey S. from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, thought he was buying an old Ram truck for spare parts. Turns out the truck had other ideas. Read the whole story in this week’s edition of Real People, Real Trucks.

Four years ago I bought this old Ram for parts. I paid $200 for it. When I went to go pick it up it was in the woods sitting under a pine tree. The tires were buried more than six inches in the ground. The guy told me it was sitting there for almost ten years. When I opened the glove box, I found oil change slips that said the truck had over 400,000 miles. Well, when my dad and I saw them we were sure the truck wouldn’t run, especially with how long it’d been sitting.

But just for the heck of it we put in a new battery and dumped gas down the carb and sure enough it popped right off. My dad and I were in shock. When we checked the transmission, the clutch was still good and we drove it out of the hole it was in. Then we checked the brakes and amazingly they still worked. Then we pumped up the tires and decided to drive her the 40 miles home and didn’t have one problem.

Originally, I was going to use this truck as parts, but it just ran too good to do that and it was also a gas saver with the slant 6 four-speed overdrive with 3.23 gears. Four years later it still runs great. It’s a daily driver, not pretty but it gets the job done. Nothing is more dependable than a Ram.

Thank you for sharing your story, Joey. We’re proud to hear that your old Ram truck has served you so well. Thanks for believing in it.

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