Hardworking Welder Meets New 2013 Ram Trucks Chassis Cab

Hardworking Welder Meets New 2013 Ram Truck Chassis Cab

Business has been good for Justin Poteet’s one-man, one-truck welding operation, so good in fact that he is now contemplating adding another employee/truck combo to the mix.

Considering the way Justin’s Ram Chassis Cab has performed in the field for him, we’d be surprised if he didn’t choose to buy another when the time finally comes. But to make it more enticing, we personally invited Justin to attend the 2012 State Fair of Texas, where we introduced him to the new 2013 Ram Chassis Cabs with best-in-class max towing capacity, GCWR, and dual alternators.

To see what Justin saw during his vehicle walk-around, please watch the video.

Learn more about the new 2013 Ram Truck Chassis Cab by visiting www.RamTrucks.com.