Two Exciting Ram Truck Announcements Made at NAIAS 2015

The New Year may have just begun, but Ram has already hit the ground running with exciting news for Ram truck fans.

On Tuesday, January 13th at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Ram Brand CEO and President, Bob Hegbloom, made two exciting announcements that prove Ram will remain a leader in 2015.

First, Hegbloom announced that the new Ram 1500 EcoDiesel (available March 2015) would now deliver an incredible manufacturer’s estimated 29-mpg highway.  We know that fuel economy is the customers’ top priority, which is why this truck will provide the highest fuel economy among all pickups in the industry.

“The new 1500 EcoDiesel sets the bar even higher…and this truck will be great news for owners who tell us they really rack up the miles on their daily commute,” said Hegbloom.

Throughout the press conference, Hegbloom spoke about how Ram truck customers’ needs are specialized and purpose-based. Our truck drivers know what fits their lifestyle, and “if the truck fits…they’ll buy it.”


This was the strategy behind the newest truck model: The 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel.

The Rebel is a one-of-a-kind, off-road sport package that customers and dealers have been asking for, and Hegbloom explained, “Now is the right time to bring it to market.“

Hegbloom described the Ram Rebel as “a new breed.”

The dramatic, unique exterior styling immediately shows that the Ram Rebel offers something different. “It’s a truck built and styled for people who push back, whenever they hear those despised words: you can’t,” said Hegbloom.


Instead of the crosshair grille you’d expect, the Ram Rebel sports a bold, blacked-out grille that frames the prominent billet silver “Ram.” The all-new face incorporates LED fog lamps, front tow hooks, a durable, black powder-coated bumper, and projector headlamps.


For added strength, sport-performance, and traction, the Ram 1500 Rebel rides on 33-inch Toyo all-terrain tires.

The Ram-stamped tailgate and blacked-out badging let others know who the leader is on the road.


Like the outside of the truck, the inside is bold and rugged. The durable, unique seats feature inserts embossed with the actual Toyo tread pattern. The Ram Rebel features an all-new center console, and a heated steering wheel that will help drivers dominate both on and off the road.

“With its distinctive good looks, high-value contenting and true full-size truck capability…it’s the perfect vehicle for people who always push the limits, and push themselves to squeeze more enjoyment out of life,” said Hegbloom.

We listen to what truck owners want, and then we put everything we have into delivering it, always pushing what’s possible. We couldn’t be more excited to give you another truck so you can take living the “Ram Life” to a whole new, rebellious level.


  • Kevin Underwood

    Nice truck, no use for anything this small but it’s a good looking truck! Wouldn’t buy anything but a Ram – Grandmother was the first female union steward at MOPAR – have loved Ram Trucks my whole life.

  • Roy Moorhead

    i am a RAM person and allways will be

  • TAT

    My father and Uncle worked for Mopar in the 70s till retirement. This thing is not something I would ever drive and I currently drive a 2012 RAM 1500. Its tacky ,plastic JCWhittney add ons and in no way competitive to a RAPTOR even though they would want you to think that . Its becoming obvious it is no longer MOPAR or Diamlar Chrysler or what ever its all getting that Euro flare expected from Fiat.

  • Where I can buy the rebel and sent him to Germany?

  • JJ Bradock

    I love the RAM on both ends. You can’t mistake it for a Toyota . I’d love to pick up my Hellcat, with a trailer pulled by this truck !

  • Cathy

    My 2003 ram 3500 HD HAS 382,000 miles on it and STILL pulls a fully loaded 28′ horse trailer without a care.
    Love it!

  • Heather Anderson

    How much does the rebel tow? just curious. I love my dodge ram!

  • BroPar

    I like the tailgate, but that grill is terrible. The thick black curved plastic just doesn’t work… Just put RAM in big letters on the grill too or keep the crosshair.

  • wallace sullivan

    yea the price will most likely be out of reach the average working man

  • Chris

    I so want the Rebel, but won’t let me have eco-diesel with it, Still Waiting, all these options and still waiting

  • Derrick Conner

    Put a Hellcat in it and I’ll buy one.

  • Mike

    Wheres the eco diesel? your missing the entire boat, while the Canyon and Colorado clean up on sales in this category you will be left at the dock!

  • jonathan Olenchock

    Its like this if they truely listened to us the rebel would boast more power and torque if you wanna compete with the raptor… Chrysler isnt currently using the 6.1 SRT motor in anything so why not equip the rebel with it… I’m a truck guy through and through… But cosmetic upgrades to an otherwise stock 1500 isn’t really making the rebel jump off of the page to me…

  • Publius

    When are they going to make another compact? My ’92 Dakota is running strong, and I’ll never sell replace her until they make something smaller than a full size.

  • Scott

    Ugly. Stunningly ugly. Tons of cheap plastic exterior parts mounted with doubled sided tape. I am a Mopar aficionado, and this is an embarrassment.

  • Frank Miller

    For TAT’s Post
    I have a 2014 1500 Laramie it has no more Plastic on it than a RAPTOR It has no JCWhittney add ons its not made with Aluminum. RAPTOR with its NON USA PARTS just like the rest of our American Truck Automotive Industry. RAM employed Americans and is more than half owned by Americans made USA.
    RAPTOR does not have nor can one get whats on RAM 1500
    4 corner Suspension, air ride suspension,auto leveling,Off road 1 and 2 auto lift with air shocks when needed. 8 Speed Transmission with some real low end grunt, 20 inch wheels last 12 years. FORD Does not OFFER or HAVE the Above.

    RAM 392 Gear is plenty of Pull (for my 7700 Lb camper with 3000 Lbs left over.) Average 19 MPG with 395 HP. Not hauling or Pulling Combination intown/Out

    I had two Ford 150 V-8 Lariats bought new Both had NON WARRANTY stuff to fail before 40000 Miles FORD would not cover on two trucks in a row.
    Air Conditioner Compressor went out 39000 miles!!! Control Module on 2nd 150 went out after Stranding me out on the road 4 times before 36000 miles FORD kept telling me was fixed then when they finally figured out Control module was bad Ford refused to replace at FORDS Expense!! NO MORE FORDS! Had two RAMS after the Fords NEVER WAS IN SHOP over 120000 Miles on both. On the Third RAM almost 2 years old NO ISSUES!! It does have a recall for Electronic update Pending but no issues.

    ****** Best Of all is two more things over a RAPTOR*******
    1. RAM was way less money than a FORD with more on it(Lariat)
    2.Same resale/trade value as the FORD when time comes for another RAM.

    Last Mention I like to say about Trucks….. Go by all big Truck dealers lots when you have some time…… See How many used late model RAMS has traded in for a FORD on the lot. Do the same on all makes on all Lots hard to Find late model RAMS with low mileage. But plenty of FORDS on the lots over all late model Trucks with low mileage.
    That tells you one thing for sure….More Issues going on to cause owners to trade off late model with a loss. Most folks like myself will trade off a late model with issues at a loss to be happy and not stranded with expenses!!