Ram Trucks Launches Vehicle Info App for Smartphones

For your inner gadget guru, Ram Trucks has unveiled a new (free) Smartphone app engineered to educate you on every aspect of your vehicle – right down to the cup holders. Every convenience that the Internet, your buddy at the dealership, and your friend with the encyclopedic knowledge of trucks can provide is now encompassed in one sleek package. Vehicle specs, maintenance reminders, warning indicators, customer assistance, official Mopar accessories, and owner communities are all just a touch/click/slide away. It’s all literally just one click away, and can be easily accessed from anywhere: in line at the DMV, the decorative yet uncomfortable bench in that boutique that your wife likes, the sofa in your man cave, etc.


In a nutshell, it gives you the ability to go toe-to-toe with other pickup guys without memorizing everything down to the wiring diagram (even though we’re pretty sure you’ve done that already). To check it out for yourself, head to the iPhone app store, and start downloading!

  • Flavio

    Unbelievable, really amazing! Very useful!

  • inkdemon

    Ya need android apps!

  • Chris

    Ditto on the Android App

  • Matt

    Android app please!

  • Caleb

    Cool. Needs to be an Android app

  • Skip

    Really, you seem to have forgotten all about Android users.

  • James

    Enough with all the Iphone apps theres more than apple in the smart phone segment as owner of 2010 Ram and android user we would like to have that app

  • Larry Geiger

    Driod App Please!

  • auday

    Please to the Japanese iTunes store can also download .

  • Cher

    Wow, the technologyy is getting crazy!! My god I am still trying to figure out my veriazon cell! got a brand new Ipod touch ($300.00) neverused it! LOL

  • tim

    how do I disable my secrurtiy mode on my 2005 dodge ram 1500hemi sport without a keyless entry lost mine and now my truck wont start