RAM Spring Towing Tips

Spring is just around the corner and we know what that means:  Soon you and your RAM Truck will be heading out for some warm-weather adventures.

For many RAM owners the experience includes boats, motorcycles, and campers tagging along, which is only natural given RAM’s superb towing abilities.

Towing can be a bit intimidating, especially for beginners, but if you do your homework regarding proper equipment and practices, the process soon becomes almost second nature. Meanwhile, here are a few simple tricks to help make the trip safer and more enjoyable:

  1. Check Around – Just before you move out, always check the tire inflation pressure all the way around on both the tow vehicle and trailer. Don’t underestimate how a small amount of over or under-inflation can make a big difference in the handling properties of the rig.
  2. Maintain – If a wind gust from an overtaking semi or other vehicle causes your rig to sway or swerve, don’t stab the brakes. Cleanly move your foot off the throttle, firm up your grip on the steering wheel, and give the rig a moment or two to stabilize.
  3. Go With the Flow – When backing up, relocate your hands on the steering wheel from the usual ten and two o’clock positions to five and seven.  This makes reverse-maneuvering the trailer much more natural and intuitive.
  • Doug

    how can i get better fuel mileage out of my 2010 2500 ram. only get 7 mpg towing OUCH 

    • J D Jackson

      Forget about cruise control for the most part when towing and learn to “feather” the gas pedal. Consider learning how to use the electronic shift all the time when towing. I pull a 29 foot Jayco and get between 10 and 1 MPG but I only tow at 60 MPH so if you exceed that speed it will really drop.