Is Your Ram Truck Ready for Winter?

Winter is on its way, but we bet that doesn’t faze you. You’re a Ram truck owner, ready for whatever nature throws at you. Your Ram truck is equally up to the challenges of tough winter weather — with just a bit of maintenance and preparation.High-Octane2

Advanced vehicles like today’s Ram trucks don’t require extensive winterizing like trucks in the past. Simply review your owner’s manual and service records and make sure your maintenance schedule is up to date. Check all your under-hood fluids, giving the engine coolant level special attention. Inspect your tire pressures and tread wear, and/or install winter tires if you use them. From there, you’re pretty much good to go.
Before winter arrives is also the perfect time to give the windshield wipers and washers a thorough inspection. Snow, sleet and ice will give your wipers and washers an important job this winter. Replace worn wiper blades; check the washer nozzles for proper aim and High-Octane7delivery, and fill the washer fluid bottle with winter-grade windshield solvent. It doesn’t hurt to pick up an extra gallon to stow in the cab. We’ve all tried it both ways, and this we know: Winter driving is far more relaxing and enjoyable when we’re looking through a nice, clean windshield. Enjoy the holiday season, and stay warm!


10 Signs You Drive a Ram Truck

Ram truck owners are in a league of their own. They’re doers — made up of reliability, dependability and strength. It takes a guts-and-glory-filled person to drive a Ram truck…here are the top 10 signs you’ve got what it takes to live the #RamLife.

  1. You have chills after every Ram Trucks TV commercial, and have perfected your “Guts. Glory. Ram.” impression.


2. Your radio stays on one station and one station only: your local country station.


3.  You’d be lost without your RamBox®.


4. You’re up for any challenge.


5. To this day, you still fight back tears during the Ram Trucks Superbowl Commercial, “Farmer”.


6. You go beyond 9-5, and only clock out when the work is done.


7. Your favorite season is “Hunting.”


8. Your paint color of choice is “mud”.


9. The word “can’t” isn’t in your vocabulary.


10. You’re the first one to stop when someone is in need.



Be Bold Crew | How a Ram ProMaster® is Bringing Fitness to the City of Detroit

Unknown 10.27.46 AMMeet Terra Castro, founder and head coach of “Be Bold Crew” — a Detroit-based fitness community focusing on empowering athletes to “be bold” in sport and life. Through Terra’s Ram ProMaster — or the “Be Bold Bus” — the Be Bold Crew is able to bring all ages and abilities together as a community.

“Detroit is a special city. I am a very passionate person with a heart for the city and the desire to shine light in what we do.  I could have dwelt on the past and all that happened, but boldly went forward in building what I saw as a need in our city,” said Terra.

“So much of our community doesn’t have access to the equipment or have the funds to join a gym. I wanted to bring training to the people of our city, so I leaped.”

Unknown-1Once Terra had the idea of a mobile pop-up training vehicle, she started to look into options that would help deliver the mission of Be Bold Crew. “I researched other vehicles, but the Ram ProMaster was the perfect fit,” said Terra.

Terra needed a vehicle that could store gear and potentially pull a trailer to transport triathlon bikes to the Be Bold Crew athletes’ races.

“I went to a local dealer, traded in my car for a Ram ProMaster, and now I have a mobile gym.”

With her ProMaster, Terra launched Be Bold Crew’s mobile pop-up training, expanding out into the community so trainingUnknown-2 can be available to everyone in the city.

Terra Castro and the Be Bold Crew provide proof that bold dreams lead to bold actions, and bold results will follow. We are proud to say the Ram ProMaster is a part of that.

Welcome the Fall Season in a Ram Truck

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.02.55 AM

Welcome to fall, a season where Ram Trucks rule the roadways — and the off-roadways. Here are three ways Ram Trucks rule the fall season:



 A Successful Hunt:
The Ram 1500 Outdoorsman® 4×2 model is designed with features to support hunters before and after a trip into the great outdoors. It’s always hunting-readScreen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.04.31 AMy, just like you. With Under-Floor Storage, you have extra space in smart places that give you room to secure all the necessary tools for a successful day out on the hunt. The available RamBox® Cargo Management System is an additional secure storage space that’s specifically designed for your hunt — so you’ve got room for all of your gear. With an available EcoDiesel engine providing up to 28 hwy mpg, the Outdoorsman takes you where you want to go, and further.

Get the Job Done Right:
When summer vacation ends and the leaves begin to fall, it’s time to get to work. The 2015 Ram 2500 will power you straight through another season of work with up to 800 lb-ft of diesel torque and best-in-class diesel towing up to 17,970 lbs.

Celebrate the Big Game:
Football is a very important part of the season and it just wouldn’t 00 (1)be the same without a good tailgate celebration. Fortunately, the Ram 1500 has you covered for the big game. Legendary towing and hauling capacity are at your service to deliver all your tailgate essentials to the stadium parking lot —fans, grills and coolers. Load up the available RamBox® with ice-cold beverages and you’re good to go for any gameday.


Guest Blog: Judson Richard’s Week in the Mountains with the Ram Rebel

Jud BarnMy name is Judson Richards. I’m fortunate enough to live in America’s finest city, San Diego, CA. I spend most of my time behind a microphone doing sports talk radio for the Chargers flagship station, XTRA 1360 Fox Sports San Diego.

Where do I begin with my experience with the 2015 Ram Rebel? First, the backstory: each Summer I find a week to unplug. No cell phone, no computers, very little news and very little TV. It’s a real effort to recharge the battery.

When I was a kid, my late father fell in love with a little mountain town, Crested Butte, CO. We owned horses, road mountain bikes, fly fished and skied. I wish every child could experience the outdoors the way
I did, and I mJud Cab 2ake a conscious effort to tap back into those experiences as an adult.

The trip from San Diego, CA, to Crested Butte, CO, is a long 17-hour drive, but the road trip in the Rebel was unlike anything else.

Let’s begin with the ride itself. As I traveled on the I-15 through Utah, the speed limit was 80 mph. I was blown away by how smooth and how quiet the ride was. We’re talking about an available HEMI® V8, 33-inch tires and a lifted suspension, while I’m on cruise control at 80 mph without a bump, shake or rattle. I’ve never been in a truck so equipped to be off-road that handles itself this well at high speeds. From gas mileage to comfort, the Ram Rebel had me impressed immediately with how it handled on the open road.

When you spend 17 hours in the cab of a truck you get to know the console and dashboard incredibly well. Ram Trucks have outdone themselves with the design. WitJud Ram Boxh its top-of-the-line available navigation system, user-friendly climate control and audio control buttons on the back of the steering wheel, no stone was left unturned. The color scheme and design of the Ram Rebel cab is the best I’ve ever seen in a truck.

A favorite feature for me was the available RamBox® Cargo Management System. When you get out of the river, you’ve got soaking wet waders. When you get out of the ocean, you’ve got wet towels, wetsuits — things you don’t want in the cab of your truck.  The RamBox® simply gives you more options of where you may store things.

Finally, the look: Ram trucks have always had a sleek, yet rugged design. The hood design of the Ram Rebel only amplifies it. The Ram brand has created a powerful truck that can thrive in all situations. I couldn’t think of a better truck to be on the road in. It truly embodies why I will never own anything but a truck.