My Name is Ram. And My Tank is Full.

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  • 68dodgeramman

    I thought we were supposed to see a video in a few hours. That was about 6 hours ago…

  • Justin

    Not bad I guess. Dont like the Theme “my tank is full” at all. Should have got a tougher sounding voice for it as well. I think you guys can do alot better than that to induce emotion as thats what you gusy are trying to do. Maybe should have started the ad with previous years and built up to the new one to prove what you have allready accomplished and what you will in the future. I think the theme needs to be changed.

  • Anthony Redmon

    NOT impressed with that wimpy sounding presentation! C’mon guys, how about a deep, tough-sounding, masculine voice. How about some content showing the truck towing a large 5th Wheel or a horse trailer. How about showing the truck with a load of dirt, hay, fence posts, etc. You’re supposed to be introducing a TRUCK for heaven’s sake!

  • Anthony Redmon

    I just saw the ad for the first time on television. I’m NOT impressed! The add is simply too soft and quiet. No pizazz at all. If the ad was a little longer, I would have fallen asleep during it; it’s that boring! I can’t imagine that this ad is going to make anyone want to go out and buy a Dodge Ram or just Ram or whatever they’re calling it now.

  • Oh God NO! My name is RAM and My Tank is Full?! What the heck? Who is doing the marketing around here?! You can’t tell me you tested that here in America on MEN 25-55 and they said, “Yeah, that sounds TOUGH”! I can think of a hundred ways to market this brand better than “My name is RAM and My Tank Is Full”. I’ve bought two dodge vehicle’s in the past year so, I say this with love for the brand …drop this quick!

  • Dan

    I appreciate the screen filling big grill look and the intended assurance that Dodge survives with ambition to compete. More “kick ass” would help, e.g. presenter more John Wayne than bailout accountant. Glad to see the old Dodge in the barn. How about one or more of those Nazi thwarting WWII military rigs? Dodge has a strong truck history. Pleased that you folk are working to build it up and pass it on. (Both Grandpas drove Dodge pickups long ago and my ’83 slant six D-150 waits outside for another day’s work.)

  • Bonnie Ostrowski

    The tag line, my tank is full, is horrible. what are you thinking?? Our powerful, kick ass ram is reduced to ‘My tank is full???” All those nice things you say about our heritage , which, by the way, gets lost in the long commercial, is left in the dust with that ” “my tank is full” tagline. Take one or two concepts and hit them hard, drive home our distinction. Even FORD acknowledges we are a big strong truck (albeit they are using it as a slam..). I LOVE the RAM brand, I own three, and sell every one I can. Please rethink this approach. We are NOT touchy-feely trucks, we are RAM! Lets show some guts here! And fire that overvoice guy and the sensitive soul who came up with that approach!

  • Roger Harris

    I loved the ad. It stood out from all the usual clutter and, for me, communicated a powerful message of one who is always ready and can be depended on for the “heavy lifts” in life. It humanized RAM without detracting from its strength. We are so used to bombastic claims of strength and “betterness” in advertising that I found this ad refreshing and memorable. I loved the voice and would like to know who it is. It had the soft southern sounds of life lived hard which gave it dthe feel of authenticity along with the strength and wisdom that comes from living the hard life. It is a truck version of ” walk softly, but carry a big stick.” I would like to see it expanded into a major campaign sticking with the implied story elements of the theme.

    I realize that this view is contrary to most of the above opinions, but this fact supports the argument for a different approach, that these times call for radical changes in how we see life–its products, services and firms, especially american vehicle firms.

  • Michael Howard

    The new advertisement is kinda weak but i see where you’re going with it. It made my dad want to go out and buy a couple HD trucks. Let me make a suggestion to get the attention of the younger viewers….remake the gm commercial withe the gmc truck pulling the DODGE and toyota out of the mud. But right when the chain tightens, have the DODGE truck pull that damn gmc in the mud!!! your theme can be “I AM RAM AND I PLAY DIRTY”

    • I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 24 valve Cummins diesel that I wuoldn’t trade for anything in the world. The truck features a 4-inch lift, 315/75R16 tires on stock wheels, and 5 inch Silverline stacks. I get compliments everywhere I go and the truck has never given me any problems, even at 180,000 miles. It will pull anything I put behind it and still get good mileage. I love the 5-speed manual transmission and the sound of the Cummins is like nothing else! I also have a 3.9L 4BT Cummins that I’m currently swapping into my lifted 2002 Jeep Wrangler with 35 s. Also, my dad has a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins that he absolutely loves. I plan on buying a Dodge Ram 12 valve Cummins for sled pulling when I can save up the money. I will always be a fan of Ram trucks because they are the only American diesel truck brand to still offer a manual transmission and they don’t require that diesel exhaust fluid crap. Nothing against the Hemi (I’d love to have one in a Challenger), but you just can’t beat a Cummins!

    • this is not abot my dad, this is about my great grandfather, but its a story that all ram fans will aiprecpate. back in the 1970 s my poppop and my big poppop, as we called him, shared a to car garage. my poppop parked his plymouth gran coupe on the left side and my big poppop parked his dodge ram on the right. one early summer morning, before the sun even rose, a gas fire ignited in the garage. my whole family ran outside and watched as the plymouth became engulfed in flames. there was soo much smoke that you couldnt even see my big poppops ram pick up, but he know he could stand there and watch his dodge burn to the ground, so he took his hankerchief out of his pocket, covered his face, and went in. everyone was yelling at him to get out of there, and he did. all of seconds later my big poppop came screaming out of the smoke filled garage in his dodge pick up. it was like a scene from a movie, and something that has been talked about in my family ever since. my big poppop has since passed, and his dodge ram is long gone, but it just goes to show the bond a man can have with his dodge!!

  • k millard

    I’d say cut the ad company that came up with this weak campaign.It’s a “sissy” ad and will turn off all Texas-Oklahoma-Louisiana buyers for SURE!

  • k millard

    Perhaps Mr. Harris works for the advertising company???

  • mike

    I have an idea for dodge trucks
    I alsowood like to know why ther is no fule rating you dont fill one up every year and drive it

  • mark

    i find your ‘my name is ram’ commercial so annoying that i will never buy another one of your products…good day!

  • MZ1

    The commercial is WEAK!!! RAM is supposed to be tough! Please drop that commercial ASAP. I can’t even stand watching it. It is degregating the true meaning of RAM…

  • Terry Abney

    What everybody else said. I couldn’t believe it when I saw all these comments. I had been telling my wife exactly these same comments. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who saw this ad as weak. Did the boss decide he wanted to make a commercial with his voice in it?

    • would you ever come out with a bigger hemi for the 3500 heavy duty, one that is more foewrpul that the 5.7 for the 1500 and 2500? because i know alot of people who want a 3500 but dont need something as foewrpul as the cummins but something that is more foewrpul than the 5.7 hemi? dont get me wrong it is a great engine, but some people want a well foewrpul gas engine for a big heavy duty, like the old 8.0 v-10 for the 2nd generation 2500. that does not mean bring it back because it was a gass hog but something nice and strong like that was. to me a nice 6.7 hemi and a smooth 6 speed trans. is what i would look for in a new dodge ram 3500 heavy duty!

  • Maureen

    I think the voice on that commercial is Dan Rather!

    • My Dad earned hlsiemf the nickname of Gate-Slayer after he got a real nice Dodge a few years back, an ’04 navy blue, four door dually and completely destroyed the tail-gate. Completely here being, he forgot to put the tail-gate down when he unhitched the gooseneck trailer . Then he ran it over .. Twice . (Don’t ask me how he managed that one I have NO idea!) Everyone called it Big Blue or simply, Roger’s Truck. There were only two trucks in town just like Big Blue but what set my Dad’s apart from the others was that Big Blue was always filthy, muddy, full of plumbing supplies and missing a Tail-gate! After many trusty years Big Blue was finally passed on as a work truck and traded in on a lighter blue, ’04, four door. Now this truck was loved just as much as the first, the only thing missing was the dual wheels. It can’t have been 4 or 5 months after my Dad gained possesion of this truck that he, true to his name, took out the tail-gate with a skidsteer . now he drives around town with a 2 4 holdin in his cargo!

  • Sean

    After viewing the other comments, one thing is clear; poetry is under appreciated.
    My tank is full: I’m ready to go.
    It’s the ultimate in “manly”; speak softly and carry a big stick. Alot of you miss the point of advertising; sell stuff. It is inappropriate to target people who already believe you have a good product. This is a good enough ad to get me to come to, so it obviously has some persuasive powers. Good job.

  • V.

    I can’t believe !!! What a SHAME Ram !!! Look at Ford : “FORD BUILT TOUGH” .The real truck,the real TOUGH,TOUGH frame,TOUGH body,TOUGH everything !!!Ford say their trucks TOUGH,and they really TOUGH!!!!!! Hey RAM,Dodge RAM or RAM Dodge or Chrysler RAM Dodge or even FIAT RAM (Dodge?),how fanny is it play with this name – you really SHAME,SHAME and SHAME!!! I can’t believe this : “My name is RAM” :))))))))))))))))),so funny!!!! “And my tank is full” :))) !!!! Whatever your tank is full or empty nobody want this RAM,RAM Chrysler Fiat Dodge RAM !!! Sorry for long post,but I never see it before like this : “My name is RAM.And My tank is full” :))

  • CumminsPower

    I wait so long to see a 2010 Dodge Ram site like Ford did about their 2011 Superduty.And what I see ??? “My name is RAM.And my tank is full.” What a …………….??!! No,thank you!!! It turn me back from this company.

    • Pat

      hello! my dad had built a dodge powerwagon with a 440 in it, bweeetn the years 1976 to 1978. he took parts from different trucks to make it his way! he painted in international harvestor red and it is a sweet truck! it took him a few years to build it, it was a hobbie truck, and it is my fav truck! it has a loud exhaust that you can hear for at least half a mile! my dad is on of my best friends, he was told about 3 years ago that he has farmers lung aka black lung, and that he was givin only 5 years to live. so far hes doing good, hes on oxygen most days though. he has been a farmer for most of his life and a truck driver for many years too. his father past away when he was 12 and his one brother raised him in place of his father. my dad had a boy when he was young and he was killed when he was 17 by his friend . my mom had brain surgery to remove a tumer about 5 years ago and she is doing good so far too. so need less to say my dad and family have been through alot! my dad is my hero and i love him very much!

  • TJ

    Seriously! THIS IS SUCH A JOKE! I just payed $40,000 to a company with that slogan! I Wish i could take mine back for that LAME LAME LAME commercial! Everyone in GA HATES IT! YOU ARE RUNNING PEOPLE AWAY!

    HELLO WE HAVE A HEMI !!!!!!!! THATS WHY WE GET THESE TRUCKS!!!!!!!! HECK YES ITS GREAT THAT WE CAN GET 20 MPG BUT WE HAVE ALMOST 400 HORSEPOWER !!!! THATS WHY WE HAVE THESE TRUCKS! C’MON GUYS! WE HAVE RAMBOX, FLOORBOARD COOLERS! EASIEST LIFT GATE EVER AND TONS UPON TONS OF STORAGE! AND DID I MENTION A HEMI! and all yall say is our tank if full!!!!! My tank is empty now b/c of yall! seriously fire whoever came up with this and get a real man to teach his baby to say “hemi” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • graeme wilson

    awesome ad, the script is very inspiring, I would like to have a complete script of the ad, is it available.

  • skip davis

    this is stupid!! well, unless you’re trying to sell a truck to OPRAH! made me want to puke. i came to this blog – never having been here before to say this.

  • V.A. Brown

    Where can I get a “My name is Ram. And my tank is full.” t-shirt? Please I need one before Christmas. I love the add.

  • Mike

    OK, the add is making me wonder about the future of Dodge. It sucks. But more important than the add is where the hell is the truck? I need to trade my Ram 3500 and we were told this fall the truck would be out.
    Instead of making bad adds how about getting the trucks to the dealers. How about getting the dealers on the same page so I don’t get a different answer about when is new truck comming in. I’m doing my best not to buy a Ford and this add is not convincing me to hang in there.

  • Erick M

    I am was very disappointed in the new ad, I think the comment by Roger Harris is a fake, I’d bet my life that he is married to the Lady that worked on this ad and they drive a Ford Focus or Toyota Prius..!!! Whoever spearheaded this new ad campaign should definetly get the axe, because they are way out of touch with us. We need to correct this mistake and rebound right now! I would suggest featuring a days ride with a rancher or a cowboy that hits the rodeo circuit….

  • Lee B

    My tank hasn’t been full for 2 years thanks to the fuel overflow defect!!! This has got to be the most embarrassing ad I have ever seen. I just left the room because of it. As a Ram, Durango, Charger and Belvedere owner I was attracted to the performance, styling and value that has made Chrysler stand out. I am a fan of the 60-70’s muscle cars. Until the Challenger there hasn’t been a new dodge muscle cars that I could relate to. Its not about the Ram emblem or a full tank???? I have never cared for the ram emblem, I think the MoPar emblem would be better. Hey maybe your next Ad could say “My tires are inflated” or ” My carpet is secured” or “My dual plugs are ready to fire” or “My rear is greased” or “My hemi head is full of rocks” or ” My marketing department spends too much time at Starbucks”. How about thanking all the loyal customers who bought the cr_p that has been sold over the years. I know people who wont buy a 00’s V8 Dodge because the 80’s 4-cylinder caravans had transmission problems. By the way were due for a fast shifting, heavy duty 7-speed auto and manual trans option. Also we need better support of the aftermarket to easily upgrade the performance (ie: the difficulty hacking the hemi computer, the poor 4.7l owners lack of any upgrades). I am Lee and my comment box is full.

  • ramzone

    V.A., Sorry but we don’t have any T-shirts right now. The good news is we have a new merchandise line we will launch soon! Stay tuned.

  • CTD

    :)))))))))))) Thats funny, RAMZONE carry more about T-shirts then think more about that …^&*$#@%^&*()&^%$……… !!!!! Com on guys,Its Dodge,RAM,!!!! its Cummins,I’m not feel from that ad a POWER of CUMMINS !!!!!! A real POWER !!! Shame!!! Never see it before ( I mean ad ) You guy’s (RAMZONE) should think about this and read ALL this comments to make a really good job like a Ford did,for example !!! Good luck !!!

  • ramzone

    Hey CTD and others, we like our commercial! Just wanted to drop in here and let you know we’re reading comments–and we’re incorporating your feedback. Thanks for leaving it.

  • ramzone

    Mike, Thanks for reaching out. About your Ram 3500, if you need some trade-in guidance, please send us your personal info through the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get it to someone who can help.

  • Dan

    This commercial looks like it was put together by a high school kid using pictures they grabbed off the internet and microsoft powerpoint.

    Worst car commercial in the history of the universe.

    Folks…this is why governments should not be in the car business.

  • Gary C. Parsons

    I have a 2005 5.7 Hemi with a automatic 5 speed traney. I pull a 8,000 5th wheel with it and love the truck more every tiime a drove it. This hemi has more power than it knows what to do with it. I bottom a hill at 65 mph top it at 65 go down the other side 65. all in cruse co9ntrol and tow hall mode onthe traney. This truck was created for pulling a 5th wheel. Hop to see more of you aut there on the roads this summer. I will be at the gate to tuttle creek cove Park in Manhatten Kansas. Hope to see some of those dodges up there. mine will be there.

    Gary Parsons

  • Erick M

    ramzone: who can we as drivers & owners speak to in the corporate office to get some resolution to the embarassing ram ad? Please provide us contact information for the Person in charge of Ram Trucks Division so that our voices aren’t drowned out by the webmaster or some marketing rep.

  • Douglas West

    I too think that Commercial Sucks. I am now driving my 5th Ram, 3rd Hemi and I love the truck enough that I paid Cash for it during the hard times and right at the time of all your troubles.
    This add could be so much better. It’s embarrassing to the Real Men out there driving the Rams.
    Yes, I agree too that the Ad Company should be fired and the Wuss Voicing the ad should be punched and made to “MAN UP” Someone needs to Slap whoever ok’d this. Some “Yuppie Bean Counter or “Kid Wizard” evidently. If any further clarification is need, Come on over and I can “Splain” it to you my way.

  • ramzone

    Erick, you’re not being drowned out! We’re listening to you, and all comments are being directed to the appropriate departments. Thanks so much for leaving feedback about your thoughts on the ad.

  • serkan bağ

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  • Michael

    I bought a Dodge Ram truck back in 99. It was used with 10,000 miles. That Ram has been the absolute best vehicle I have ever owned. We pull, horses, band equipment, you name it and it’s done it. Today it has 120,000 miles on it and is just as sound as when I got it. I would have like the Ad to have said “My name is Ram and I stand alone” this would have put it in a class of it’s own. When you see a Ram on a mountain, he is alone,majestic and powerful. Any truck can have a full tank weather running or not! Come on guys I’ll write your Ads. peace.

  • gato

    El comercial si tien sus defectos pero la intencion es dar a conocer la camioneta en si, el que tenga tanque lleno no habla de gasolina sino de su corazon, yo tengo una ram crew cab 2009 y una ramcharger 1993, la vdd gastan mucha gasolina en ciudad, pero el que sabe de estas camionetas sabra que no son para ciudad sino para carretera, mi ramcharger es 5.9lt y no es hemi, gasta como esponja en ciudad pero no lo cambiaria por ningun carro 2010, para mi dodge es el que tiene mejor maquina mas hp. aunque cabe mencionar que las transmisiones son un fiasco, ojala las mejorarar

    • My story starts out with a 1984 white Dodge uipkcp truck. I know the exact year because that was the year I was born. My father is a wielder and used the truck for his business; including the racks he created to attach to the bed. I’m not sure if I have a funny story as much as I have a lifetime of memories with the truck involved. I remember one time that we went camping in PA. It was raining and storming pretty bad when my father parked the truck outside our tent only to have the brakes fail and it start to roll backwards. I can safely say that it didn’t hurt anybody except for the door that my father propped open to try to get in it to stop it. The truck was fixed to run again over and over. The rust was the culprit of the decline in the truck instead of motor failure. I can remember all the days that I was out there helping to fix it. By helping I mean holding the flashlight because he worked till night. He even went so far as to find another dodge to use to replace the doors and hood; the funny part is that the truck he found was red. Thus the memories included a white truck with red strips. My father loved that truck so much that when it finally died he left it on the hill to our backyard to someday restore it. He believed in that truck so much that I think that a piece of him left with it when he finally had to get rid of it; to the crusher. If I could get anything for my father on father’s day I would gladly get him another Dodge truck that he can strut around in.