Ram Zone Says: Haul Safe!

A moment of thought before you leave your driveway could save you a lifetime of pain down the road.

Whether you use your RAM Truck for work, pleasure, or commuting, here’s something we’d like you to pause and consider. When you stow objects behind you, in a rear seat or in an interior or exterior cargo area, they can become lethal missiles when you are forced to stop suddenly.

It’s only basic physics. In a panic stop at highway speeds, objects flying forward can easily cause injury and even death to the occupants up front. It’s sad but true – and often unnecessary.

So please: Take a few seconds to look over your loading job and make sure all your goods and gear are properly secured. Feel free to use cargo nets and straps when appropriate. At Ram Zone, we want everyone to have fun with their RAM Trucks and arrive safe and sound—and we know you do, too.