Ram Power Wagon Named “Pickup Truck of the Year”

2010 Power Wagon

Calling the 2010 Ram Power Wagon “quite nearly the best of all worlds,” Four Wheeler Editor Douglas McColloch today announced that the truck was the winner of its annual “Pickup Truck of the Year” award, beating out its sibling 2010 Ram 2500HD Cummins, as well as the Ford SVT F-150 and the Toyota Tundra 4.6 (and continuing the accolades earned by the Ram 1500). “Its tall stance and body-on-frame architecture don’t get in the way of delivering a pleasant and relatively quiet highway ride. Its work-truck ethic is belied by its eight-lug axles and 10,000-pound tow rating. And once off the pavement, deep in the dirt, the Power Wagon can simply go places, and do things, that no other fullsize truck on the planet can. Locking differentials, a disconnecting front swaybar, and a 12,000-pound winch — delivered straight from the factory — will do that for you.”

Read Four Wheeler‘s full, glowing report on the Ram Power Wagon here.


  • Larry

    Well deserved award! The truck is the best of all worlds. Now, we just need the Power Wagon available in a standard cab with white as a color option and ST trim. Black, Red, blue and Gray show tree scratches very easily when used off road. White hides scratches very well. You might also consider adding a picture of the correct model year of Power Wagon to this blog topic. Congrats on the award! I am sure there will be more awards coming!

  • tr4petty

    The Power Wagon is one of Dodge’s better ideas. It’s about time that someone recognized how great this truck is when it comes to it’s intended purpose! No other truck even comes close to being the true off-roader that the Power Wagon is.

  • Flávio

    A harmonious beauty, a force fearless …

  • Mark

    DODGE !!