News from the Inside: The Ram Webcast

Diaz_Fred_2009B-175pxThere’s been a lot of talk here on RamZone. Particularly about the future of Ram and all the announcements made on November 4th. We’ve heard a few requests for the speeches.


While we don’t have a text version, you can watch the presentation and hear what Fred Diaz, President and CEO of the Dodge Ram Brand, had to say first hand. That’s more inspirational than a bunch of words on a page anyway!


Check out the audio webcast. To get right to the Ram presentation, click the “Agenda” tab. A list of topics will come up, click on Ram Trucks.

  • Anthony Redmon

    I enjoyed the presentation. Although I understand the reasoning for creating the new “Ram” brand, I have my doubts that it will be worth the expense to do so. I love the idea of getting back into the heavy truck market. I still remember the C-Series, the L-Series cabovers and the beautiful Big Horn 18 wheelers. I’d love to see those big Rams come to fruition again. It would certainly be a bragging point for us Dodge fans and help sell Ram pickups.
    Something that wasn’t mentioned though, was the 1/2 ton Ram diesel. It boggles the mind as to why this isn’t a TOP priority at Dodge (Ram). Cummins has already developed this V8 diesel and if Ram isn’t careful, they’re going to end up selling these to someone like Toyota or Nissan instead. If they do, Ram will lose a great opportunity to gain market share and whoever gets the Cummins 1/2 ton pickup will gain market share away from Dodge (Ram). That kind of mistake on Dodge’s part seems so obvious to us pickup lovers that we just can’t understand what’s going on with Dodge to cause them to overlook this opportunity!
    And, I hate to say it because Mr. Diaz sounded so proud of it, the new “My name is Ram and my tank is full” ad is terribly lame! No excitement generated in that ad; in fact, it’s so boring it would put you to sleep if it were a bit longer. Makes me wonder what was going through the minds of the people in charge of marketing when they approved this?

  • Flávio

    Mr. Diaz,


    Do not let the RAM loses its essence as well as in his personality that is contagious.


  • tr4petty

    Where’s the diesel 1/2 ton Ram? People have been waiting on this for about 3 years now. It’s hard to believe that something this important to the future of Ram is still not ready for production!

  • Cole Haggard

    Will Ram acctually break away from dodge???

    And if so will it break away from fiat and become American again?


  • John Ross

    I have just gone through the new Ram HD section, I hope that you just forgot to put in the flame red option., if not and you droped the color from your line up then some one has their head up and locked. I have a 06 HD 4×4 and it seems alot of the features in my Lermie package is now extra cost options, and the price is over $7,000. more expensive.
    Looking at the 2010 I dont think you people took the time to talk to previous owners about what they liked and what they wanted Dodge to improve on. Where is Lee when you need him!

  • ramzone

    John, thanks for your comment. We do take customer comments and feedback into consideration and evaluation for future product actions.