Ram Trucks High Octane Games Come to a Close in Epic Fashion

We launched the High Octane games to celebrate our Ram Heavy Duty lineup getting our 6.4L HEMI powertrain. Since then we’ve seen professional snowboarders drop into epic runs.

We’ve seen pro snowmobile riders back-flip over our trucks. We’ve even seen ice climbers cheat death on vertical ice sheets hundreds of feet above the ground.

You might think we would wind down as the games came to close. You couldn’t be more wrong. We wanted to move the needle when it came to the 6.4L HEMI, so we had to push the limits of what High Octane means. What does a big gas power plant mean when you’re miles from anywhere in the polar cold? It means Reengineering the Elements.

At the High Octane games bruises are worn like medals, your only competitors are fear and the mountain, and the only rules are the ones you make for yourself. Maybe we’re not really closing the games. Maybe we’re just passing the torch.