Meet the ‘Be a Danette’ Twitter Giveaway Winner

Pat C., winner of the Be a Danette Twitter Giveaway from Ram Trucks and The Dan Patrick Show is now in the running for MVD, “Most Valuable Danette.” RamZone was in Indianapolis with this former high school basketball coach while he spent the day with Dan Patrick and the Danettes.

RamZone: How did you find out about the contest, and how exciting is it to have won?

Pat: I listen to the DP Show to get through the mornings, and that’s how I found out about the giveaway. When they announced that I was the winner, I thought, who wouldn’t want to hang out in the man cave?

RamZone: Have you always been a fan of Dan Patrick?

Pat: I came up in the coaching ranks in the 90s, and at the time a lot of my players were into Dan Patrick so they kept yelling “en fuego,” which is how I got to know him. If you’re a sports junkie you have to love Dan.

RamZone: You had the chance to go out to dinner with Dan Patrick and the Danettes; how was it?

Pat: We ate at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse, and they’re famous for their extra-hot horseradish cocktail sauce. Dan was giving me a hard time about the shrimp cocktail, but it was cool because I could give it right back to him. You can just tell Dan is a real down-to-earth guy, real hospitable, not above anyone.

RamZone: And the Danettes?

Pat: Paulie is a Chicago guy, so we had that in common, and Fritzy, Seton, and McLovin’ have been real welcoming, shuffling me to the table at dinner. It’s been kind of cool.

RamZone: Are your friends and family excited, watching for you on TV?

Pat: I DVR the show and watch when I get home, so my kids and wife are into it. And some of my kids’ teachers listen too, so it got out around school. Needless to say, the kids have dibs on all the Ram Trucks and DP Show swag.

RamZone: Congratulations again, we hope you’ve had a great time.

  • CoachPCain

    Had a great couple of days with Dan and the Danettes while in Indy Superbowl week. Thank you Ram Trucks and The Dan Patrick Show! My passion bucket was overflowing!