Chat With Ram Engineers On December 8th


A year ago, we hosted a live chat right here on RamZone, with Ram engineers focused on the awesome Cummins engine. Now, exactly a year later on December 8, we are hosting another live chat, but this time, we are looking for all our HEMI fans.


Got a question? Want to know something specific the HEMI V8 engine and drivetrain or anything else HEMI related? Well, come on by Wednesday, December 8, at 6:30 pm Eastern for chance to connect directly with Ram engineers. Can’t make the chat, but have a question you would like to ask? Post it here in advance, and we will kick off the chat your questions!

  • shain grow

    we all know of the V8 version of the HEMI…can you do the same with a 4 cylinder and get the same kind of performance gains???,and if so what do you feel would be the ultimate 4 cylinder HEMI???

  • Tim Kramer

    Any considerations with regard to Direct Injection to enhance low end torque and fuel economy? Is Ram moving to the 6.4 Hemi and what about the 8-speed transmission? Not that any of this is needed Ram still has the best gas power train in the business even with the new motors from Ford. DI and a 8-speed would really separate Ram from everyone else with class leading HP and Torque with a substantial increase in fuel economy. 2009 Ram 1500 5.7 Liter Hemi Crew Cab. Best truck I ever owned!!!!

  • Justin Boggs

    I have a 2008 1500 Megacab, 4×4, Laramie with the 5.7L hemi. I know these trucks do not have MDS, but would it be possible to reflash the ECM with the MDS software to gain the mpg’s when commuting? 90% of the time I am not towing anything and when I do I use the two/haul mode which is great. If it is possible to do the reflash, what would be the potential harm in doing so?

  • Ed Gil

    Any chance we will see a newer SRT-10 Ram?
    The newer body with a Viper engine would be great!

  • Jonathan Adair

    Hey like the comment above, when can we expect the new ZF 8-speed transmission? If yall won’t update the engine, atleast give the new “Ram” the right gearing to keep up with other’s 6-speed transmissions and better power ratings. Also I’d look forward to buying a new truck with Direct Injection, Cam Phasers like in ford’s new engines, DOHC and high-flow exhaust manifolds like Toyota’s engine. Also how about an all aluminum engine? I really like the new engines from ford i.e. the new ecoboost; please update the HEMI, it just doesn’t feel right buying a ford but i will. Oh and will yall go to an electric power steering system? I know it’s alot to ask for but it would be well accepted! If yall spend the moneys for R&D to update the HEMI, I’m sure that people will gladly spend the money for an improved engine. Thanks.

  • Bobby Venturiello

    Is there gonna be a full size suv coming soon? like a ramcharger (a four door one) that sits on a ram chasis and has the same styling cues as the ram? and able to have a 2500 series also? and not the durango because thats a midsize suv to me.

  • boscolicious

    why doesn’t someone ask them why they didn’t release a new engine to compete w/ ford and GM in the 2011 year

    WE”RE BROKE!!!!

  • Lonie Brown

    Copper spark vers platt plugs in a 06 hemi 2500. SRt8 8 engines run platt plugs, I have been told platt plugs run too hot in a hemi, Copper plugs don’t last pastr 40,000 km in my truck, for myself thats one years worth of driving, next plug change going with platt plugs, if platt runs too hot, why are they standard in the higher performing SRT8 engines?

    Also, Up set dodge gave up the option of building a hemi 2500 with the hemi and 6speed, my 06 2500 hemi 6speed is the cats meow. I would go new in a heart beat if I could get the hemi with a 6speed man.

  • bill

    There were nightrunner packages sold for 1500, rc,qc, durango,and dakota’s. Would you be able to tell me how many were made respectively. ie; How many Ram 15oo’s qc, rc, durango,s in that year. I heard there were only 2,000 made in ‘o6 . But no one is sure of which make. I know there were less than 4oo srt’s made in the nightrunner package, All of them plaqued, Also Just too throw it out there. Was mds available, (at all), in ‘o5?

  • boscolicious

    UR BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Is the 392 HEMI coming for the trucks ?

    Or a another HEMI engine ? I know the current HEMI kicks GM and Ford’s tail !!But bigger more hp is better !!!

    How about a Ram SRT-10,I know the V-10 is not a HEMI,but it was a beast…or at least a SRT-8 Ram 1500 QuadCab,I liked the limited edition trucks of a few years ago,SRT,Daytona,Rumble Bee,HemiSport,Night Runner ect…

    How about the 4.10 axle and better torque conv. used in the Ram R/T single cab,make its way into a new Ram Quad Cab …lets say a Ram R/T Quad Cab..

    By the way keep the DODGE name on the truck somewhere !!!

    I want a Ram R/T Quad Cab ! Over 400 H.P HEMI,4.10 sure-grip,hotter torque conv.And then it will make a perfect truck,better ..or more perfect or perfector !!


    @ boscolicious ,

    Actually they are making money now….Sales are up for several months now and Chrysler’s new car models have not hit the dealers !! They are being praised right now,quality across the board !! They will continue to sell more,thus have more money !

    Have you not heard Chrysler is hiring 1000 new engineers !!

    Educate yourself and stop being a troll !!! Your making yourself look silly !! As with your writings …..You keep saying UR !!! Really ! Come on man what does that mean,are you o.k or do you need some medical attention ?

  • Marc Snyder

    you shouldn’t drop the Dakota, but put a 5.7 HEMI or maybe the 6.1 HEMI (if possible) in them.

  • Devon F

    I recently purchased a 2011 Ram 2500 5.7L Hemi 4×4 and the tow ratings say for the 11 model that my max tow rating is about 11k. The Hemi Power train in my 2500 feels that it could pull way more than rated after I towed 10kish the other day. Are you guys planning on updating the tow ratings on the Hemi powered 2500s?

    Also it had no problems with 5% inclines either with all the weight I pulled.

  • Boscolicious

    @ MR. DODGE
    i’m not a troll and don’t need educated chrysler is the company that is pulling the plug on models and not releasing new engines to keep up with the silverado and the super duty
    chrysler has over 7 billion dollars in debt and their is no way that Chrysler and GM could pay back their loans so soon (gm’s debt =+49.5 billion!!!)
    TRUE, their sales are increasing, BUT only by single digits, compared to ford’s super duty sales by 82% at one point alone recently

  • Lonie Brown

    Hum… Super duty, get real, how many versions of a diesel engine has ford, navstar, attempted to build? Ford has never worn white gloves, Lets get back to hemi questions.

  • Pasquale

    Hi! Questions about the Hemi
    1)When will the Hemi get direct injection?
    2) when will the Hemi get multi air?
    3) why does the Hemi in the Ram have 390hp and 404 lbs torque but only has 360hp and 390 lbs torque in the Grand Cherokee?
    4) since all the fuel seals in the automotive industry are 100% compatible with ethanol, can we add a kit to the engine that allows the Hemi to run on E100 or other combinations?
    Basically the kit increases fuel injector duration to allow more ethanol into the engine so that the engine runs properly
    5) the Hemi prefers 89 octane but will run on 87 satisfactorally does it have the knock sensors and programming that will allow it to take advantage of 93 octane like the 4.7 High Output before it. What is the HP gain going with 89 octane vs 87?
    6) can the 6.7 run with B100? How does the exhaust fluid injection work when using B100? The 5500 ram uses the fluid.
    7) will ram get the 8speed transmission that the Grand Cherokee will in 2011?

    Thanks for your responses.


  • Pasquale

    Hi one more thing,
    Would it be possible to use iridium plugs on the Hemi? All 16 plugs I would convert to bosch iridium fusion plugs. Why do the 2 plugs in the same cylinder have 2 different heat ratings? Is there something we can do by playing around with those heat ratings so that we can increase fuel economy or power?

    Thanks again!


  • Pasquale

    Hi, I forgot to ask,

    Is the Hemi an ULEV? Or a LEV? Is this a LEV II or ULEV II? is this cleaner (or not) than say a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee having a ULEV rating?
    Are the Hemi powered Rams sold in California have the exact same exhaust emissions as in Detroit or Canada for example? Do they also have the same power ratings or not? What are they if they are different?


  • T.J. Hamilton

    Will the new 54 gal chassis cab gas tank fit in my 2010 Ram 2500 4×4 std cab long bed?

  • Sal

    I have purchased 2 2009 1500 Hemi’s and was planning on purchasing 3 more trucks for my business. The problem I and many others are having is the ticking that comes from the motor when idiling. I brought both vehicles to the dealership and they changed out the exhaust manifold bolts but both trucks still sound like diesels. I am hesitant to purchase the next three trucks from Dodge and was leaning toward the Ford’s unless there is a fix for this. What causes this diesel like ticking from these motors?

  • Vince

    09 Dodge Ram Hemi. 28,000 miles on it, and we noticed an engine tick at around 27,000 miles. Took it to the dealer, and they said it was the fuel injector? I don’t believe it! What could it be?

  • Robbie

    All i have to say is we need the option to get a manual transmission in the truck we want!!!

  • bill

    Can manuals be swapped out of trucks with automatics?

  • I hope you guys get to work on a new SRT-10 – 4×4. Any chance to at least produce a regular new SRT-10 in the future? Mine is aging.

  • Jerry Simcik

    Ram, will the advanced AWD disengagment system in the new Charger and 300C be making it’s way to 4×4 Rams to help boost gas mileage?

    Also, what about that 8-speed?!? If nothing else, put an auxillary overdrive on an older 4-speed and up the acceleration, towing, and fuel economy. This truck already has one of the best powertrains, but such a tranny would blow away the competition.

    Will we be seeing the 392 as an available option in the near future???

    Can you please make limited slip differentials standard equipment with all gear ratios?

    What about offering the G56 manual with the Hemi – even in 1500s? Or the TR-6060…

    Will the Ram be getting the Keyless-Enter-&-Go system?

    Can you please, please, please give ESP a Full-Off setting when in 2WD? And make ERS work more like AutoStick!

  • Mark

    Ram engineers need to play this right. With stiff competition with the other two, we need a V8 pushing 500 hp and 500 ftlbs of torque. This is for diesel owners like me that want a new truck but don’t want to spend 8-10 grand for a new diesel. Ram needs some sort of locking (not limited) slip rear axle. You have this technology with the Power Wagon bring it over. Make the Outdoorsman package a Power Wagon lite. Meaning, give us the tires, rear locker, and better shocks (bilstein, rancho, etc.). Keep the 4.10 axle ratio as an option and bump up our tow and haul ratings 2-3 thousand more. While your at it, throw a new 8-speed tranny, and you will have many guys like me knocking down your door to buy your truck!!!!!

  • Jarrod

    would you ever come out with a bigger hemi for the 3500 heavy duty, one that is more powerful that the 5.7 for the 1500 and 2500? because i know alot of people who want a 3500 but dont need something as powerful as the cummins but something that is more powerful than the 5.7 hemi? dont get me wrong it is a great engine, but some people want a well powerful gas engine for a big heavy duty, like the old 8.0 v-10 for the 2nd generation 2500. that does not mean bring it back because it was a gass hog but something nice and strong like that was. to me a nice 6.7 hemi and a smooth 6 speed trans. is what i would look for in a new dodge ram 3500 heavy duty!

  • Jarrod

    had another Q for you guys that i thought of, would you ever put a Hemi in a dodge dakota? or put some kind of high sports engine in a dakota? i would also buy a truck like that! to me it would be a 6.0 v-8 with a 5-speed manual trans!

  • ramzone

    Vince: There are a number of things that may cause a noise as you described and a technician should probably take another look at it if you are still concerned. If you feel the dealership is not being helpful in fixing this to your satisfaction, we would love to help out. You can either call the Ram customer care line at 866-726-4636, or contact us via the contact for and we can get additional information to have a Top Care agent contact you directly.

  • jeff

    Hello, best Dodge truck I have owned ,I have bought 4………are there any Easter Eggs we dont know about in the 09,10,11, that you could share ?

  • tony

    i interested dodge diesel 2007,2008 .Have twin turbo??

  • J.r. Guthrie

    I have a 2011 dodge ram 1500 crew cab outdoorsman & I am looking to put bigger feul injectorsin but don’t know what the factory size is. Can anyone help me out?

    • J.r. Guthrie

      oh it has a 5.7 in it