Truck Love: A Man and His W350 Crew Cab

If you’ve ever spent long hours looking for the perfect truck, you know just what it feels like when you finally get your hands on the vehicle you’ve been after. Reader, Robert Schwarzli, over on the forum knows all about that sensation. He’s the chapter president of Ontario Dodge Diesel Owners, and he earned his stripes by restoring a 1990 W350 Crew Cab for the past five years. When Robert bought the beast, it had 500,000 miles on the clock and it needed a little work. He jumped in with both feet by replacing the engine with 1997 Cummins 12 valve with all the fixins.


The engine was bolted to a 2004 NV5600 transmission and a New Process NP205 transfer case for one of the most bulletproof drive trains around. Robert should know – he’s used another Ram Truck to tow a semi. Yeah, you read that right — to tow a semi. Inside, the restored Crew Cab has seats from a 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 among other special pieces. Now that’s a custom truck we can get behind.

See the whole story over at Turbo Diesel Registry here.


    Nice DODGE !!