Real People, Real Trucks – “It’s Never Let Me Down”

RamZone Chip

Here’s a story from Real People, Real Trucks that Ram Truck owners will surely be able to identify with. Chip Harris has put some serious miles on his Ram Commercial vehicle and has only great things to say about it:

2003 Ram Van, with a 360 engine and 316,551 miles on it. What can I say? Still running and looks great … I could use a new seat though! I haven’t even had to do any major engine work on it, not even the valve cover gaskets! Only the tranny rebuilt at 287k mi. I’ve used this van daily selling detailing products, and it’s never let me down. Also, many thanks to my long-time tech Terry Harwood at Doan Dodge in Rochester, NY. Although, I have a feeling we’re nearing the end, and it’s killing me! I’ve always been a Dodge guy, so it will be going to part-time status shortly, and a new [Ram] 3500 ProMaster is soon to be in the picture.

We love seeing Ram drivers get great value and satisfaction out of their vehicles. Thanks for being a loyal Ram Fan, Chip. We hope you’ll be just as pleased with your new Ram 3500 ProMaster. Keep us updated on how it goes, and good luck with your business. 

What do you think of Chip’s van? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share your Ram stories with us and let us know how you’ve been using your Ram Truck.