Ram Truck Gets the Low Down on the Rodeo World from Mike Orman

Mike Orman knows a thing or two about sponsoring a rodeo. The man’s been the figure behind Dodge Rodeo for as long as we can remember, and as its owner, he’s been instrumental in whipping up some of the most entertaining riding events we’ve ever laid eyes on. Now, as the company transitions to become RAM Rodeo, Orman plans to continue to introduce Ram Trucks to those that know pickup trucks best. According to Orman, our products and rodeo go together like horses and hay.

“Historically, 50 percent of rodeo attendees own a pickup truck. Maybe they own it for personal use or drive it for their day job,” Orman said. Either way, this crowd isn’t about to jump into a vehicle that can’t handle the abuse associated with life on the ranch. That’s why Orman says he’s seen customers turn their backs on other manufacturers after getting to know what makes Ram Trucks tough. “People in rodeo tend to be very loyal to the companies that sponsor their events,” he said. “They’ve been riding in Ram Trucks for years and years. I’ve seen them get pulled out of Fords or Chevys because there are a very specific group of sponsors here. Fans get it.”

Ram Rodeo is all about bringing Ram Trucks products right to rodeo fans. In fact, the company got its start when one enterprising dealer realized that rodeo attendees were begging to be introduced to quality trucks that were built for towing. Twenty five years later, RAM Rodeo is still demonstrating the best our brand has to offer. These days, though, the displays have gotten a little more intricate. RAM Rodeo showed off its latest work at the National Final Rodeo in Las Vegas, where it set up the Cowboy Christmas trade show and displayed a cutaway Ram so that visitors could get up close and personal with the inner workings of our pickup.

“Las Vegas loves the rodeo,” Orman said. “It turns the city upside down with the streets full of cowboy hats.” He’s not joking. Each year, 175,000 people drop into Sin City to see the country’s greatest rodeo riders do what they do best, and Las Vegas takes on an entirely different charm with the rodeo in town. Even so, Orman stresses that the rodeo isn’t just for people out west. The show has something for nearly everyone from every walk of life. Of course, according to Orman, everybody’s got a little cowboy or cowgirl in them.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from,” he said. “Someone from New York who maybe doesn’t even own a car might want to experience the dude ranch at Jackson Hole. Maybe in their heart they want to be a cowboy, even if they don’t participate in it on a daily basis.” Well, thanks to RAM Rodeo and Orman’s efforts, those fans will be able to keep enjoying quality rodeo entertainment and rock-solid trucks for years to come.