Ram Tailgate Toss–Play the Game!

It’s hard to say exactly how many beanbags were launched during the countless rounds of Ram Tailgate Toss that took place last week at the State Fair of Texas. Even harder would be predicting the outcome of every throw, whether the bean bag hit its intended target or not. Good thing we’re only asking you to predict the outcome of one or two throws. Good thing, too, that there is the potential for reward — in terms of free Ram Truck merchandise — for those who guess correctly.

Interested?  If so, check out the new digital version of Ram Tailgate Toss game over on our Facebook page. Here’s how it works:

  1.  You’ll be shown the first half of a video —a player tossing a bean bag.
  2. The video will stop, and you’ll be asked to predict whether the player hit the target or not.
  3. The video will start again, and you’ll find out if your guess was accurate.

Correct guesses will earn you the chance to win a Ram gift pack containing all sorts of cool Ram gear. For complete sweepstake rules, go here. To make your first guess, check out Ram Tailgate Toss.

*Tailgate Toss is a registered trademark of Wild Sports