Letters for Lyrics Goes Viral; Supports the Troops in Real Time

In April, Ram Truck brand in partnership with Zac Brown Band launched the Letters for Lyrics program. Aimed at giving a little back to those that give so much for us, Letters for Lyrics sought to generate 1 million letters of support, gratitude, and encouragement for our servicemen and women. To participate and score a free copy of the Zac Brown Band compilation album, “Breaking Southern Ground,” Ram fans are instructed to deliver their letters to the nearest Ram Trucks dealer. To ensure that our soldiers never feel forgotten regardless of their physical location, we’ve built the Letters for Lyrics online application.


Located on the right-hand side of the RamZone homepage, this application enables fans to get involved immediately. Letters submitted through the online application are immediately uploaded and readily visible to both soldiers and their supporters and are printed on Letters for Lyrics stationary and delivered to deployed soldiers around the world.


Please don’t hesitate to put your words of encouragement to paper, the briefest note can make a huge impact. Please help spread the news and share this promotion with your friends and family. Our goal is 1 million letters and we need your help. Please send a letter today and help us these great men and women who dedicate their lives to serving our country each and every day.

  • Debbie Bennett

    I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to all of the soldiers that are out there in harms way supporting our Freedom. You are true American Idols. You are all in my thoughts and prayers daily, and I pray that all of you stay safe. My son is currently deployed, and the daily worries of his safety is nerve racking. Your sacrifice will never go forgotten. May you all have an Angel always over your shoulder, guiding you each to a safe return. Prayers again with all my heart. RLTW

  • Sandy Patton

    just a short note to tell you how proud we all are of you. You have put you life on the line for all of us .. Our love and prayers are with you every day. keep safe , take care of yourself. When I go to bed tonite I will say a special prayer for you, and all the nights to come. Sending you a big hug from me to you….Sandy

  • tr4petty

    “Letters for Lyrics” is one of the best programs Dodge/RAM has ever come up with. Great idea!

  • Blake V

    My wife is an Army veteran and served a tour in Iraq post 9-11. I appreciate all and every man and woman rising their life for our freedom. To all the soldiers – a quick and safe return home!!

  • Dave McKinney

    I couldn’t wish for any bigger opportunity than that of being able to say “Thank You” to each and every one of you who have heard the calling to carry on in defense of this great country, its freedoms and our way of life. I’m a retired U.S. Army veteran, and know exactly what it is you’re giving each and every day and night of your life in service of your fellow Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Corps, and this country, your families and your friends. Although you may not hear it from each and every one of us, I’m certain we are all in one heart, mind and soul in saying: “Thank You! ! !”..

  • Victoria

    My name’s Victoria , I want to thank you for Your Service & You for serving our country. My mother Michelle & I sent out our prayers & thanks . !

  • Sean

    I stand no longer in harms way, though my thoughts are with You daily. I taste Your despair and revel in Your accomplishments. The sand beneath Your boots gets in my shoes, and the sun in Your eyes also blinds Me. One of a kind, We are, those who run TO the sound of guns and bombs. The pain and death imminent on the battlefield not in our mind, but a need to be present, to be accounted for, to stand on line, and perform Your best for the Man to Your left and the Woman to the right. For the folks in Paducah, the family in Arcata, the one’s growing up in the world. To show THEM that it is honorable, indeed needed, to fight for that which one believes in.No matter the politics that landed us there, we answer.For this, You have my Honor, My indebted gratitude, nee, My undying respect and love. Come home to Me, to Your nation, to Your love. Come home soonest. For I, Your Nation, miss You.
    Signed-A Man who knows Lady Liberty