CMT Artist Of The Year Contest Winners

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    Well thank you for being generous and offering me a free hat !!

    I will give back even more ….. and you may give the hat to someone who is less fortunate in the hat department..

    Now to think of it..that Ram hat looks pretty good,but nonetheless I will give back ! You can give it to some kid and make their day ,hopefully !!And you may turn them into a Ram truck fan ! It starts small,just like that !

    By the way,I also give back by helping the little old lady down the street….by giving her excercise when I squeal past her house(corner lot) and she runs down her driveway shaking her broom at me !! I am helping her excercise and stay fit for many more years to come !! I feel so proud to give back !!

    It is true,giving is better than receiving !! Once again Thank-You !! Hopefully you will make some young girl/boy very happy and a fan of Ram trucks !!!