“Ammo & Attitude” Enlists Ram Trucks, Puts Barren Backcountry on Notice

9372639082(2)At 8:30 am EST on Sunday, August 1st, a new twist on braving the rugged outdoors will debut on the VERSUS network. Dubbed “Ammo and Attitude,” the new reality show is built around six fly-fishin’, rock-climbin’, gun-totin’ women of the wilderness and their proven primal prowess. The women are divided into teams and issued various challenges designed to put their sharpened survival skills to the test. The terrain is rugged, the weather is raw, and the competition is not for the faint of heart – nor for the weak in build. To keep pace with the rigorous demands of the show, producers elected to rely on Ram Trucks as their uncompromising rig of choice. “They really do everything,” explained Executive Producer Stephanie Shipman. “They haul equipment and help (the contestants) get anywhere they need to go. They’re simply the best trucks for whatever we needed on the show.”


Be sure to tune in on Sunday to watch two of the most intimidating forces in nature take on Mother Earth, and be sure to take notes.