Support of US Servicemen, A Relationship as Old as the Brand

As Memorial Day approaches, Ram Truck commemorates the trucks that have helped keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave. One such vehicle, the Dodge WC, carried American and allied troops through some of the toughest battles during the Second World War. Available in ½, ¾ and 1 ½ ton variants, the WC was the perfect platform for light military trucks, weapon carriers, telephone installation trucks, ambulances and reconnaissance vehicles. Of the numerous different 4×4 WC models built, the common features included a 116-inch wheelbase, hydraulic brakes, a six-cylinder engine and a single speed transfer case.


Later, during the Korean War, our trucks accepted the challenge and we creating a series equally as rugged and reliable as the WC. Thus the M37 was born. With several different configurations, the new series again included command trucks, telephone maintenance vehicles, enclosed utility trucks, and an airfield fire engine.


As it was in 1941 and continues to be today, we support our US Servicemen with the brawn of the vehicles they chose to drive, whether on or off duty. Make sure to check back on RamZone tomorrow as we cover the birth of the mighty Power Wagon from the battlefields of Europe and Asia to the postwar boom years.


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