The history of RAM Trucks spans nearly a century, from the legacy of the Dodge Brothers and Graham Brothers to the legendary Dodge Power Wagon and HEMI-powered RAM pickups.

1981 Dodge Power Ram Royal SE W150

The Ram hood ornament made its debut in 1981, which is also when the Ram name was born.

Ram Truck History | Can You Name the Year?

Guts. Glory. Ram — history. For your Friday viewing pleasure, a vintage photo from the Chrysler Archives. Can you name the model year of this Ram Truck?

Ram Truck History | 1973 Dodge 900

Check out this 1973 Dodge 900 video and listen to that 318ci Detroit Diesel (6V53) purr while our driver cruises the streets of Georgia.

Moving Forward, Looking Back: A History of Ram

Ram’s been around long enough to make a mark in automotive history. Do you have a favorite Ram era?

Kicking off Memorial Day with History

A hundred and fifty years ago, brother fought against brother, neighbor against neighbor. A nation imploded, divided by a conflict so great that, to this day, it defines the very thread of the United States. That conflict

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