Watch Ram Trucks Man Made Drama Commercial | Video

Watch Ram Trucks Man-made Drama Commercial | Video

There’s a lot man wasn’t supposed to do. But then, great accomplishments rarely come from those willing to take no for an answer. The new Ram Commercial vehicle lineup is ready to drive headlong at the toughest tasks and turn wasn’t-supposed-to-do into did.

Discover just how much man can accomplish with the power of Ram Trucks—check out the new Man Made Drama commercial spot.

Video description from Youtube: Man wasn’t supposed to drive on water or turn nature into power. Night wasn’t supposed to look like noon. And we definitely weren’t supposed to be able to haul a best-in-class 30,000 lbs up by the bootstraps, but with best-in-class 850 lb-ft of torque, Ram can. This is the full line of new Ram Commercial vehicles. Here’s to the next frontier man isn’t supposed to take on.


  • Thorwolf

    Does anyone know the geographic location of the lumber/sawmill shown at the end of this commercial?