Two- or Four-Wheel Drive: What’s Right for You?

The 2014 Ram 1500 with EcoDiesel Engine, Available Soon at a Dealer Near YouHere’s a question pickup enthusiasts have been debating forever. Two-wheel or four-wheel drive: Which is better?

In truth, both 2WD and 4WD have their advantages. Trucking experts say the key is to understand your needs and select the system that’s right for you. For example, if you a) live in a moderate climate and b) don’t intend to take your Ram Truck off-road, you may never benefit from the advantages of 4WD, significant as they are.

On the other hand: Many folks take the view that it’s better to have a tool and never need it than to need a tool and not have it. It’s a matter of personal philosophy—a bird in the hand, or something. Your vehicular needs could evolve over the next few years, and it pays to plan ahead.

There’s no arguing this: If your driving needs can benefit from the extra traction and security of 4WD, there’s no substitute. On snow and ice or for off-road duty, 4WD is superior, period. The ability to drive four wheels rather than two on low-grip surfaces is invaluable. It can be the difference between getting there and getting stuck. It’s as simple as that. Also, for off-road use, a Ram Truck with 4WD may offer additional advantages beyond the drive system itself: greater ground clearance and skid plates to protect the undercarriage in rough terrain, for instance.

However, one must also consider the advantages of 2WD, namely, slightly better fuel economy. That said, as the state-of-the-art in drivetrain technology advances each year, the additional fuel costs associated with 4WD shrinks a little more.

We’re back to the bottom line: Perform an honest study of your personal vehicle wants and needs and pick the Ram Truck that’s best for you. But either way, 2WD or 4WD, the good news is you’ll be driving a good truck. Meanwhile, we want to hear your views, Ram fans. Which is superior? Two-wheel drive or four?

  • Brent

    I have the 2013 Ram 1500 crew cab with the 5.7 and a 2 wheel drive. Had some very bad ice and snow for the Greenville,SC area and of corse I had to make it in to work. The trip is about 8 miles up and down ice and snow covered hills and I had no problem. My boss has a Q5 with all wheel drive and we went out to lunch and my truck handled the road just as well as his all wheel drive SUV.

  • aboles

    this article has absolutely no value or substance at all…..