Real People, Real Trucks | A 1950 Half-Ton Show Truck

1950 Dodge Half TonWhat do you get when you save an old 1950 Dodge pickup truck from the junk man? If you’re Donald G., of Saratoga Springs, New York, you get rewarded with a great truck and a story like this one.

I’m 65 years old and I’ve owned Mopars all my life. My first car was a ‘52 Plymouth, and after that I was hooked. I’ve owned countless HEMI® 318s, 340s, 440s and so on. I’ll make this short and sweet: In 1984, I saved a 1950 Dodge B 2 B half-ton pickup from the junkman and turned it into a show truck. I bought it because at the time I drove tractor trailers and where we parked was very dirty and dusty, and every day after work I had to wash my new Dodge pickup. So I said that I’d buy a junk truck and save my new truck from the elements. I drove the ‘50 for 14 years with the 218ci flathead engine until it didn’t run anymore. I couldn’t find the parts to fix it and I sure as heck wasn’t going to give it back to the junkman. So I made a street-rod pickup. All the running gear is Mopar.

Thanks you for sharing your story, Donald. It’s a great looking truck!

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  • Kim Meyers

    I have a and1950 Dodge 1/2 ton truck that my dad bought in cool1969.only problem I’m having is I have yet to see one like’s a short bed and box sides are short.all others are long beds and box sides are tall..any information would be great.

  • Banjo Roy Cleatis Abe Wahinton

    Ahh…I hate to break the news to you…but…I am the junkman from all
    those years ago.And I was just getting around to washing my work pants and was
    checking the pockets for spare change and guess what!
    In the back pocket was the original transfer of ownership papers, isn’t
    that wild!!
    But in looking at it,you never signed it and the $12 dollar check you gave me bounced.So I guess it is still is mine….weird huh!
    So please fill the tank with high test and I will be there after lunch to pick it up..and please be on time as my wife can get cranky when people are slow.
    ..,,……….April fools!!!!!!!!…………..