Reader-Submitted Story: “Eternally Grateful to Ram”

We could talk for days about the features and add-ons that make Ram the right choice for any driver. Uconnect and Rambox, superior payload and towing capability—everything on a Ram contributes to the overall experience, making life a little easier for our drivers.

But sometimes a story comes along that puts everything into perspective. Take this one from Christy and David Schaffstall in Hellerton, PA, for example. While we at Ram constantly strive to make better, more capable, more fuel-efficient trucks, we know that at the end of the day one thing matters above all else: safety.

Dear Ram Family,

I would like to start this email by saying I am not crazy (although my co-workers would disagree), but full of THANKS to everyone at Ram! It is extremely important to both my husband and me to make sure the leaders of Ram Trucks and Chrysler Group LLC have the opportunity to hear from a customer who will now be a loyal and lifelong customer! I have shared this information previously by mail, and I received a return call from a wonderful lady from Chrysler Group, but again… it was important for me to ensure this was heard by your leadership!

Let me share our story.

On May 27, my husband and I were making a trip to spend time with family over the Memorial Day weekend. We were approximately halfway to our destination when we became the recipients of road rage gone bad. We never saw anything coming; however, we have been told by police, rescue workers and some amazing bystanders that two drivers in different vehicles were having an episode of significant road rage. The drivers were behind our Ram and in the process of their extremely poor decisions, our truck was hit in a manner similar to that of a police pit maneuver. We never saw it coming, and it took us completely by surprise (and terror). We lost control of the truck, and almost hit a highway light and bridge abutment. Our truck rolled four times. The roll was so severe that we actually flipped over the center guide rail of a major highway and landed in opposing traffic.

The truck finally came to rest on the roof. After a great deal of panicked screaming by me, a wonderful bystander quickly came to my aid and unbelted me. I was quickly able to escape the vehicle. My husband was a bit more unlucky and needed to be cut out of the truck. We had a brief stay at a local hospital, but I need to share with you that besides some significant bumps and bruises, we are safe! We count our blessings that our eight-year-old son and our two dogs were not with us on this trip as they were initially expected to be.

I completely believe that our safety is a result of being in our Ram! Multiple bystanders and rescuers all said that this should have been a deadly accident and they all wanted to know what kind of truck we were driving. It was with great enthusiasm we could both say that it was our beloved Ram Truck!

My husband and I would both like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such pride and building safety into the construction of your trucks. We firmly believe that our Ram and its safety features are what saved our lives, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Again, many thanks for listening to our story and for the great pride you take in your Ram Trucks!

Warmest regards,

Christy and David Schaffstall
Hellertown, PA

So glad to hear you and David are OK, Christy. Please know your story does much to reaffirm our belief that the safety and well-being of Ram owners should be at the forefront of everything we do. Thank you for sharing.

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