Reader-Submitted Stories – “Seeing Clearly Why Ram Is Best”

This week, our Real People, Real Trucks story comes to us from Port Orange, FL, where Ram-owner Jim Neaves has the smooth ride of his seven-year-old truck to thank for saving his reading glasses. Take it away, Jim!

The other day I was checking the air pressure on my 2005 Ram 1500 before heading to Orlando airport. For some reason, I set my reading glasses on the rear bumper of the truck. That evening I drove 60 miles to the airport to pick up a friend of the family. I went inside the airport to greet our friend and, on the way out, as we approached my Ram 1500 in the parking garage, I noticed that my glasses were still sitting on the rear bumper. I had driven over speed bumps, rough roads, and also 70 mph on the highway yet they stayed right there on the bumper for 60 miles.

I couldn’t believe that the air or vibration didn’t make the glasses fall off. That smooth of a ride on a 7-year-old truck is damn impressive!

Great story, Jim. Thanks for sharing it with your fellow fans of Ram!

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