Ram’s Best Friend – A Call for Submissions

Platinum-selling musician Billy Currington is the fifth and final Country Music sensation to be named to the lineup for this December’s Ram Jam. His participation in the event suggests an abiding love for Ram Trucks. If the above picture is any indication, he’s also a fan of dogs.

Frankly, that comes as no surprise. It’s not at all uncommon for Ram owners to develop strong affection for their dogs as well as for their trucks. We’ve seen evidence for this—here, here, and here, for example—but, of course, we’re always happy to see more.

If you have a dog that you’d like to see featured on RamZone, please post his or her picture to the Ram Facebook page along the caption “My dog and my Ram.” When enough submissions roll in, we’ll select some of our favorites to post right here in a piece we’ll call Ram’s Best Friend.

And one more important thing—the dog should be posing with a Ram.