Ram, Zac Brown, Camp Southern Ground | Great Truck, Great Music, Great Cause

“If you don’t have some scratches and dents on your pickup truck, you don’t know how to use it. Or you’re too scared. You should never make decisions based on fear.

-Zac Brown

We appreciate Zac Brown’s pickup philosophy that every truck needs a few good dents to show it’s been in the thick of things. Then again, we also see the value in keeping your Ram Truck in pristine, like-new condition, if that’s your thing.

One thing we can all agree on is that certain causes are worthy of our time and attention. Case in point, Brown’s Camp Southern Ground, a nonprofit camp in Georgia dedicated to helping kids overcome academic, social, and emotional difficulties to reach their full potential.

To show his support for this worthy organization, Zac Brown is auctioning off the Ram Truck he’s been driving for the past year. To show your support, we invite you to bid on and purchase Zac’s Ram truck. Proceeds raised will go toward making sure a bunch of really great kids eventually “achieve excellence in all facets of their lives.”

Learn more about Camp Southern Ground by visiting their website: campsouthernground.org. To learn more about the upcoming auction series, where all five performers from this December’s Ram Jam will each auction off a Ram Truck to benefit a charity of their choice, please visit the Road to Ram Jam page at RamTrucks.com. The first auction begins in January.