Ram Trucks Hosts EcoDiesel Google Plus Hangout

To say that we’re proud of the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is an understatement. When we put the powerful and fuel-efficient power plant into our award-winning Ram 1500, it was revolutionary. A diesel in a half-ton pickup was unheard of in North America until Ram Trucks brought the EcoDiesel to market.

2014 Ram 1500

With the EcoDiesel’s introduction came plenty of questions, and we’ve heard them all. We wanted to offer our product specialists an opportunity to answer your questions live. On 6/12 at 2 p.m. ET, they’ll get that opportunity. Join us on Google Plus for a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Q & A hangout. We’ll have product experts on hand to answer as many questions as we can get to in the hangout.

There’s no need to sign up for anything to participate – anyone is welcome to join. Just find us on Google+ or YouTube and join us for the chat. Leave your questions at the end of this blog post or one of our other channels so we’ll be sure to see it.

If you want to make sure you get your questions answered, be sure to RSVP to our Google Plus event. In an effort to answer as many questions as we can, the hangout will move fast, and certain questions may be moderated in order to keep the conversation moving. Don’t worry if you miss part of the hangout. The full question and answer session will be available on our YouTube page after the event is over

With best-in-class 28 mpg and 420 lb.-ft. of torque, the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is a powerful and efficient tool. Now is your chance to get inside info on Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year for 2014. Be sure to RSVP here: bit.ly/1j9GdVT

  • Andrew Sommers

    I love the new Ram EcoDiesel and would like to get a 4×4 Crew Cab Laramie Longhorn but I’m concerned about the low payload rating of 881lbs. I was also looking at a Silverado 4×4 Crew Cab LTZ 5.3L and it has a payload rating of 1,957lbs. Why is the Ram over a thousand pounds shy of the Silverado? I like the ride quality of the Ram with air suspension, but I’m not sure I want to give up the capability for the ride.

    Also, can the RamBox be ordered with the air suspension? I’ve tried to configure the perfect truck on the website but it says they are not available together, only exclusively.


    • Eduardo Miramontes

      The EcoDiesel truck was more for fuel economy in my thoughts you get 25-27 MPG’s, yes you do loose power and payload. the diesel engines are build to last 3-5 times longer than a gas engine and require less maintenance.
      you are comparing it to the Chevy Silverado, a closer comparison would be with the 5.7L HEMI engine, It provides 309HP and 407 LBS torque, with the Silverado you get a 5.3L with 315HP and 338 LBS torque.

      • Jason Gamble

        If your buying a truck for fuel economy you probably should be shopping elsewhere. There are cars that have a higher payload than these rams do. If you have some bigger friends with you and a couple suitcases you are already at your payload capacity, you have just defeated the whole purpose of buying a truck, which is to haul stuff. The Hemi trucks have a payload about 150 pounds more than the diesels, so a total of a little over 1000 lbs, which is still nothing compared to any other truck manufacturer. If you want to compare it to the 5.3 get the specs correct, it is 355 hp and 383 lbs of torque.


          really? i thought these trucks could haul anything

        • Michael Holladay

          I agree… My 2014 1500 Big Horn 4×4 Quad Cab is rated to haul 1398 in the bed and 7800 with the 3.55 gear I asked for … if i had went with the 3.92 … my tow would have been a little higher but i would lose mileage… The 2015’s have an optional 3.29 gear …. so with the gear you affect your towing capacity and working bed load.. all the 5.7 Hemi’s and the 5.3 Chevy come with a 3.73 gear…. Apples for Apples my Eco will do anything the Gas trucks will do in my class…. oh and the gas V6 is rated 1,000 lbs less tow capacity than the eco…. and i do love my 28-30 mpg on the highway……

    • K Pieper

      I’ve put about 1,000 lbs in the bed of the new Ecodiesel and it didn’t even budge. I have a 2012 GMC Denali and tried the EXACT same load and it looked like I was going to drag the bumper. I think that payload rating is a crock of !##$$%.

  • Jason Gamble

    Why did Ram decide to use the Borg Warner 44-44 “On demand” transfer case in a full size truck? http://www.ramforum.com/showthread.php?t=40753

    • Andrew Sommers

      Yikes! I just read that whole thread. Thanks for posting that. Guess I’m going with the Silverado since I drive on the beach occasionally.

  • Eugene Jones

    I have the Ram 1500 Longhorn Edition 2013, it have the air suspension. I notice there is a 1/2 inch difference on the passenger side higher over the wheel well than the drivers side. I brought it to the dealership, they can’t figure it out.


      warranty will not cover?

  • KTM

    Bad choice on the transfer cases in the higher end trim packages of the 1500 RAM. There should be an option for the part time transfer case in those trucks!!!!!
    I actually canceled my custom ordered 1500 because of this issue.


      what does this mean, exactly?

  • Pat Sewall

    Why don’t you have a 3rd party APP developer program? Your current APP store is pretty weak…

  • Pat Sewall

    Why did you design the 1500 so that you could NOT put tire chains on it? It looks impossible to put front chains on — maybe if you re-routed or designed the rear brake line it might be possible to get a set on the rears… Can you get a redesign on the rear brake line?

  • JWT

    How much will i spend per gallon of diesel on DEF fluid?

    • Spud

      About one gallon of def per 1000 miles, def is about 7 bucks a gallon at the parts store, just plan on filling the tank at oil changes.

      • Scott Gress

        DEF is ~ $2.50/gal at Walmart and truck stops.

      • speedwrench

        $7? You are overpaying for DEF. We sell it for around $3 gal.

  • Keith G

    I have on order a 1500 Ecodiesel Laramie CC 5.7 bed, 4×2, with Rambox. I want to add an aftermarket 5th wheel hitch to pull a 5th wheel ultra-lite trailer. (and I am using a Reese Sidewinder so yes should work…)So far, no hitch company offers a solution to affix the 5th wheel brackets due to the DEF holding tank interfering with the bracket mounting locations. Can you provide insight as to whether it can be done or it’s just that the hitch companies have not addressed this design yet?

    • Spud

      Try a B&W hitch with the 5th wheel or go goose neck with the trailer.

    • speedwrench

      Typically a 5ver should be in a 3/4 ton or above. Most people that I seen with a 5th wheel in a 1/2 ton are running overloaded and UNSAFE. If it were a commercial vehicle the DOT cops would have a hay day. But i see yours is an ultra-lite so you are probably one of the few that is not running overloaded.

  • tom

    I have a Ram 2014 1500 Longhorn Ecodiesel for 5 days. Already, both rear fender flares are coming off and the Navigation does not work.

    • PastureMuffins

      Until someone gets killed by it, don’t expect an answer. I’ve been asking about their cracked dashboards forever, they want $1,000 to replace the cheap Chinese plastic dashboards they put in their trucks, that are now cracking like crazy. Google “cracked Dodge dashboards” for hundreds of pages of complaints they refuse to respond to.

  • Why did RAM have to ADD the DEF Fluid Requirement and is this only due to government control ? Will there be a way to make the DEF fluid last 20,000 miles in the future with better methods/larger tank, etc? Truck owners don’t want to have to have MORE maintenance. But I have to applaud the Ecodiesel . I just traded in my 2010 Dodge RAM 1500 HEMI QUAD CAB 4X4 BIG HORN and ORDERED(ONLY Way to get the one I want) a new Ecodiesel 4×4 BIG HORN CREW CAB 4X4. Wating for Delivery – seems WARRAN PLANT is back up with these. Will the backup sluggish orders be cleared up soon? I want my ECODIESEL it is June 6, 2014 – Thanks – 🙂

  • bobby

    Electric or clutch cooling fan? If electric, 1 or 2?

    • speedwrench

      1 electric

  • HOSS

    running all the emissions back through the engine leads to a MUCH shorter engine life. our 6.7 did not have 80,000 miles on it when it turned a bearing and nobody would stand behind it.

  • PastureMuffins

    My question is I have a Dodge Ram 2500 which may be the worst truck you ever produced and it too, has the cracked dashboard for which you can find hundreds of thousands of complaints about on line. The dealer wants $1,000.00 to replace this piece of Chinese plastic dashboard you put in the vehicle. Why should I consider trading this out for another Dodge? Serious question.

  • Daryl

    Last year I got a 2013 Hemi and the ad hype was 8 speeds – none available, only ad hype. Same deal this year with the diesel – truck of the year but you can’t get one. After 5 new Chrysler vehicles since 2001 I’m loosing interest. You can’t sell what you don’t have so why keep doing the ads?

  • Frankie

    I love the idea of a diesel in a 1/2 ton pickup I just wont pay 10 grand more than a V-8. The MPG goes right toward my truck payment.

    • Scott Gress

      The cost delta between V8 and the Ecodiesel is well $2800ish. If you tow a bit, you’ll make up the $$ pretty fast. Gas engines get terrible mileage towing and the Ecodiesel does very well.

      • Frankie

        Not in my neck of the woods they aren’t. If you compare actual customer cost walking into a dealer today(not MSRP) the diesel is 8-10 grand more. I’m sure its because the diesel’s are new and the 5.7 gas engine has been out 10+ years and my dealer only has a few diesel’s in stock compared to a whole lot of 5.7’s. Diesel’s will eventually come down within 4-5 grand of the 5.7 but for now they are pricey.

        • John Dodge

          I checked this at my dealer, who has sold me 6 Rams over the years. My current Ram is 2012 Quad, small V8 (not Hemi) and tradesman package. If I order the same in Eco Diesel, it comes out about $2800 more, If I try to buy a Dealer ordered one, it comes out to the same price as a 3500 Dually with the 6.7 Diesel. All because Dealers are loading them up! So custom order yours!

        • Frankie

          I compared the same packages as close as I could to the 5.7. I’m located in the Phoenix area and the dealers here are charging more for the diesel because of their low inventory, popularity and basically because they are a new item. Sounds like I should buy from your area.

    • speedwrench

      I bought my truck for 1% BELOW invoice. NO haggle no problems!

  • daveo

    Most of my trips are 10 miles or less. Is a diesel really a good alternative to a gas motor for this kind of driving?

    • Frankie

      The new diesel’s like the EcoDielsel are but the old ones aren’t.

  • GGregory

    Just a idea, instead of making these trucks that have the Eco option why not put a natural gas option instead? Cause this ethanol is junk and reaks havoc on the cylinder heads, think it would help with the sales of these truck not to mention cost and gas mileage you’d save.

    • terry

      The diesel will need to regenerate the exhaust particulate filter occasionally, to do this it will have to be run for 20 to 30 minutes. So for this type of driving, stay away from a diesel.

      • Scott Gress

        No, don’t stay away from a diesel. Work is 12miles away and it takes me 22min. to get there Once/month I tow relatively long distance. I’ve put 2000miles now on the Ecodiesel and the dash has not alerted me re. needing to do anything about regeneration.

  • RamOwner

    thank you but I’ll keep my 10,450 towing capacity 2010 RAM 1500 w/ 20″ wheels

    • Frankie

      Yea its hard to beat the 5.7 but I hope the diesel turns out t be both reliable and economic. I need more MPG than the 5.7.

  • Elkcharger

    I ordered a 1500 diesel Laramie limited on March 10th and have not received the truck. Why? I have called Ram customer service and they have no idea where the truck is. I was told that it was in inspection for 45 days and then told it was in expedited shipping now going 4 weeks and no one at Ram can tell me anything. I called on Tuesday June 3, 2014 and they did not know if the truck was sent back to inspection or storage or being shipped. Why does no one know where this truck is, this seems very strange to me.

    • drumgene

      I ordered mine Feb. 12 and it was delivered April 17.

    • Frankie

      Nissan did this to me and it turned out they sold my car once it arrived and couldn’t tell me for some reason and when they finally did they tried to order me another one. I would order another one just to make sure and if this one comes in before hand great.

  • David Weiant

    will this pull my 7,000 horse trailer with 500 lb tongue weight

    • Scott Gress

      I pull a 7400lb 24′ enclosed trailer long distances once/month. My tongue weight is 800lbs. I installed Airlift 1000 air bags ($100) and use a weight distribution hitch. My Laramie has a cargo capacity of 1260lbs and 7800lbs towing. It works really well. Fuel mileage is good too, 1-2mpg better than a Cummins towing the same load under same conditions in my experiments. Note that if I had mountains in my area, I would have probably bought more truck.

  • speedwrench

    Why DEF and EGR. EGR is a bad idea for diesel engines. Just look at the Ford Powerstroke 6.0. Why soot up a perfectly clean burning engine with a EGR? The whole idea behind DEF (SCR) is to treat the exhaust only and not have to monkey around with the engine. Case IH does a good job with this in thgeir large diesel engines in their tractors and application equipment.

  • drumgene

    How many Ram 1500 EcoDiesels how you built so far?

  • Harold Wolf

    I have had my EcoDiesel for 2 months and get 25-30 mpg. Beautiful ride and smooth 8 speed transmission. the longhorn package is out of this world in extras. VERY SATISFIED 🙂

  • Micha Dassler

    I am able to configure a Ram Ecodiesel, 4×4, QUADCAB, 6’4″ bed PLUS Air Suspension on the Ram website. I contacted four different dealers and they all told me this configuration is not available. But nobody can tell me why.

  • Dr Hona

    I was one of the first in Pitt PA to have my custom ordered ED… and I a have a HUGE question. Why don’t we have the boost gauge, that is clearly shown on page 19 of the brochure, with a half page picture… and says… “configured for the new turbocharged EcoDiesel V6.” I WANT A BOOST AND EGT GAUGE IN THE EVIC !!!!!!!

  • Pablo

    When you will be sellng in Chile?

  • john sr

    weak rear coil springs 2014 1500 diesel limits load

  • Gary

    I have three questions-
    1-What is the coldest design temperature this engine is meant to start without external assistance and assuming the diesel is not jelled?

    2-What are the approximate times for glow plug heatup at 50 deg F, 30 deg F, 0 deg F and minus 20 deg F?

    3-Please provide a specific fuel consumption curve for the ecodiesel, the cummins, the hemi and V6 gas engine.

    Many thanks

  • Mike

    I also love the new Ram EcoDiesel and would like to get one soon. I live in Canada, have these trucks been tested in cold weather conditions?

  • Joe

    What is the standard gear ratio in the differencial? And, is there an option for different ratios? IE: 3.90 – 4.10 etc, etc.

  • Frank

    I picked up a new RAM EcoDiesel I the Midwest recently and drove it back home, about 1300 miles. Now after only 3000 miles the DEF fluid is down to about 3/8ths of a tank. Does this rate of DEF usage sound normal? Thanks.

  • Bravo1

    Andrew you have made a error on the bed payload for a 2013-2014 Ram 1500,4×4,3:93 axle ratio,CC it is rated for a bed payload of 1233lbs,and a tow rating of 8750lbs.

  • K Pieper

    I have had mine for nearly a month with no complaints. As for the 900 lbs cargo load, it must be just in the box and not the cab area as I’ve hauled a 8,500 lbs trailer with three adults and a load of tools in the truck bed…..no issue and got better than 50% better fuel economy than my 2012 GMC Denali with a 6.2 liter.

  • Rachel Roland

    This ecodiesel just made Ram the top truck to buy. Well more like solidified it.


  • Cody D.

    Has any one heard anything about oil vapor going through the turbo and down into the inner cooler? I am looking at ordering one of these in teh 2015 model and a guy posted some stuff on using catch cans to catch all the oil vapor that is going into the turbo and inner cooler. This concerns me but I know with strict emissions they are trying to keep the oil vapor or blow-by from now going into the atmosphere. If you are interested in looking at his forum on it, there is a video he posted on the blow-by oil vapor issue. I guess I am looking for someones opinion on it within this forum and to see if anyone else here knows about this.

  • boilermakermax

    Why does the ecodiesel engine has so much blowbay.
    I was shocked when I opened the oil cap and the smoke came out.
    I could see little drops of oil forming around that plastic cover.
    I also checked the air pipe that goes to the intercooler and it had lots of oil and sludge.
    That cannot be good on an engine with only 4000 km.
    Please explain that.

  • Joseph

    I have a 2014 Ecodiesel Long Horn Laramie. The truck came pimped out and the fuel economy is unbelievable. The payload has the same problems as my former F150 ecoboost and my previous Titan. I added the airlift and this time i got the on board compressor and wireless control and it was worth it. Were I find this truck to be superior in is the towing MPG’s. In the past my previous trucks would tow with ease and I can say that my former F150 ecoboost had more distinguishable power felt at high speeds in passing situations. However, none of my trucks would give me a decent range making me stop multiple times on long trips to get fuel. Now this Ecodiesel is the what I needed. I get on average 15 MPG’s towing diving within 5+/- miles over the speeds limits. This means I travel from Miami to Orlando and still have lots of fuel to move around. Before, my best trip would be stopping half way and then at the last exit. Yep if you are like me that have lots of toys but don’t need a huge truck for daily use this ECODIESEL is the answer!

    Now my reason for arriving at this website is because after having the truck for 4 months now and having driven 6K miles I got a check engine light message followed by a DEF message that said “Car will not restart in 120 miles”. The DEF fluid has never been below 1/4 and I specifically filled it but before towing this weekend. I just took it to the dealer and they kept it and gave me a rental. The service rep did mention that the mechanics have been saying that they are having problems with the aftermarket DEF products. I have only used the PEAK DEF Fluid for my fills. Has anyone had this problem?? Obviously, i am inclined to use PEAK because it only $11 when the MOPAR DEF is $40+. If this will be a problem I will use MOPAR from now on but I would like to confirm that its a reliable claim.

    Thanks in advance for any input provided.


    HI! Happy Memorial Day! I cant seem to order the 1500 diesel with Rambox , Sunroof, And Air Ride..i had no such problem on my 2500. Any idea why?

  • Dan Haderlie

    Love the truck and the Eco Diesel. I started with a Tradesman in June of 15. Now I wanted to trade up to a Big Horn with the Ram Box system. Sent in an order through the dealer and Ram comes back to say they can’t be bothered to build my truck with the Ram box in anything but white or black, (ordered “blue streak”). “Bad Form” Ram. If you offer upgrades, be willing to provide them!! To say I’m unhappy with you is an understatement.