Ram Commercial | The Right Van for the Job: Part 2

Ram Cargo Van

Today on RamZone we continue our “Right Van for the Job” series, which we created to document how six home revitalization projects were completed in just six days, all thanks to several skilled tradesmen, a group of willing volunteers, and, of course, a few Ram commercial work vehicles.

Whereas “Right Van for the Job: Part 1” featured an overview followed by videos starring a plumber, a roofer, and an appliance delivery service, today’s videos show how tradesmen in the dry wall, house painting, and HVAC industries could benefit from driving purpose-built Ram commercial work vehicles.

If you’re a Ram fan who loves hard work and a sense of accomplishment, you’re sure to enjoy the show.

Ram Commercial | The Right Van for Drywall (Day 4)

Ram Commercial | The Right Van for Painting (Day 5)

Ram Commercial | The Right Van for HVAC (Day 6)

We believe “The Right Van for the Job” video series accurately reflects the Ram Commercial experience. However, nothing can replace actual time spent in the work van itself. To that end, please visit your closest Ram Trucks dealer to schedule a test drive today!

  • fblanton

    It is day 2 of my new 2014 Ram Pro Master 2500 van. Sadly My IPOD will not play through the standard AM/FM/MP3 radio. I have the proper cord with the usb plug. What gives?