Ram 1500 EcoDiesel One Tank Trip: Grand Canyon to the Rocky Mountains

Ram 1500 EcoDisel, Ram 1500, Ram Truck, TruckWe’ve taken you along coastlines, across bridges, through multiple states and into cities full of culture, but we’re still not finished. A couple of road trips just aren’t enough when the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is capable of going so far on so little. So this time around, we looked at how far one tank of fuel can take you through the wilderness.

650 Miles Between Peaks and Valleys

Trekking From the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon

The United States is full of natural wonders, and arguably, the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon are among the most breathtaking. Driving from one to the other promises some of the most majestic sights with plenty of great stops along the way. We’ve chosen Denver, Colorado, as the beginning of this adventure for a few reasons. The city boasts great attractions such as museums, a zoo and theme parks that beg to be explored before embarking on your trip. Not only is Denver a big city full of great local industry to explore, it’s also a city full of people who truly appreciate the outdoors. It’s the perfect place to stock up on the toys and tools you’ll need for your trip—from kayaks and hiking boots to backpacks and tents. From here, you’ll drive southwest through the beautiful peaks of the Rocky Mountains where you can stop for an afternoon hike or picnic and take in the views. Finally, you’ll round off your trip looking down into the valleys of the Grand Canyon that have been carved out by the water of the Colorado River. There’s no telling where you’ll be inspired to go next when you take the time to stand next to natural wonders such as that.