Highlights of the Ram 2500 Safety and Security Updates

2013 Ram 2500 Heavy DutyIt’s nice to know that, with demanding careers and long hours on the road, the Ram 2500’s updated safety and security features will provide you with peace of mind even when the world around you is treacherous. Our Heavy Duty lineup is equipped with over 30 standard and available safety and security features, such as the Enhanced Accident Response system, six cab air bags, knee bolsters and seatbelt pretensioners, to help keep you safe when you’re hauling a heavy load or when you’re on the job.

Here are seven safety and security features that make the Ram 2500 a vehicle you can rely on:

Electronic Stability Control: Year-round, in the harshest work conditions, Ram Heavy Duty’s sophisticated Electronic Stability Control system optimizes vehicle stability and helps you maintain directional control by comparing the driver’s steering input to the vehicle’s actual movement.

Safety Cage: The most important cargo you haul is your passengers. To help keep them safe and secure, the Ram 2500 safety cage provides extra strength, and dynamic front crumple zones and side impact door beams help deflect and absorb the forces of impact in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Halogen Headlamps: If your workday starts before sunrise and is still going after the sunset, you’ll take comfort in the new available bifunctional premium headlamps. These headlamps, with both automatic and manual settings, deliver exceptionally bright lighting so you can see what’s ahead.

Antilock Brakes: Standard on all Ram Heavy Duty models, our four-wheel antilock brake system (ABS) works together with the large brake components to help prevent wheel lockup during sudden breaking and for stopping on slippery surfaces. A day on the job is no test track, after all. These brakes perform in real-world conditions.

Parkview® Rear Back Up Camera: The available ParkView® Rear Back Up Camera, located in the tailgate handle on the rear of the vehicle, works with the Uconnect® System screen to display what’s behind you whenever the vehicle is in reverse. This feature comes in handy when backing up, and helps make you a safer, more informed driver.

Air bags: Speaking of peace of mind, Ram 2500 features six strategically placed front and side air bags to help keep your passengers safe during road trips.

Clearance Lights: Who said safety can’t be stylish? Clearance light running lamps are available factory-installed on your truck’s roof (standard on Power Wagon®), increasing visibility and making you stand out from the crowd.

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