Be Bold Crew | How a Ram ProMaster® is Bringing Fitness to the City of Detroit

Unknown 10.27.46 AMMeet Terra Castro, founder and head coach of “Be Bold Crew” — a Detroit-based fitness community focusing on empowering athletes to “be bold” in sport and life. Through Terra’s Ram ProMaster — or the “Be Bold Bus” — the Be Bold Crew is able to bring all ages and abilities together as a community.

“Detroit is a special city. I am a very passionate person with a heart for the city and the desire to shine light in what we do.  I could have dwelt on the past and all that happened, but boldly went forward in building what I saw as a need in our city,” said Terra.

“So much of our community doesn’t have access to the equipment or have the funds to join a gym. I wanted to bring training to the people of our city, so I leaped.”

Unknown-1Once Terra had the idea of a mobile pop-up training vehicle, she started to look into options that would help deliver the mission of Be Bold Crew. “I researched other vehicles, but the Ram ProMaster was the perfect fit,” said Terra.

Terra needed a vehicle that could store gear and potentially pull a trailer to transport triathlon bikes to the Be Bold Crew athletes’ races.

“I went to a local dealer, traded in my car for a Ram ProMaster, and now I have a mobile gym.”

With her ProMaster, Terra launched Be Bold Crew’s mobile pop-up training, expanding out into the community so trainingUnknown-2 can be available to everyone in the city.

Terra Castro and the Be Bold Crew provide proof that bold dreams lead to bold actions, and bold results will follow. We are proud to say the Ram ProMaster is a part of that.

  • Blake Anderson

    Great post……..ODOT will use the Ram CNG pickups primarily as service trucks on the state’s roads and highways, taking full advantage of the significantly
    lower fuel costs associated with compressed natural gas.