Five Must-Dos Before Summer’s End

2013 Ram 1500

There’s still plenty of summer left to take your Ram Truck on an adventure. Whether you’re hauling your waders to the river for a fishing trip or hauling your grill to a tailgate barbecue, take advantage of what’s left of the warm weather and make your summer memorable with these five summer must-dos:

1. Go Fishing – Find your favorite stretch of river or coast and make Ram Trucks your partner in angling. The 2013 Ram Outdoorsman is made specifically with fishermen in mind, and the available class-exclusive RamBox® cargo management system is the perfect tool to transport your tackle to water or to carry the big catch home.

2. Host a Tailgate Barbecue – Your favorite football team wouldn’t win many games if they never practiced. Likewise, if you plan to throw winning tailgates this fall, you need to hone your skills early in the summer. Haul the grill to your favorite picnic site, invite your friends and prepare a feast that will get you ready for kickoff.

3. Go Camping – There’s still time to take advantage of the warm weather with a night under the stars. Whether you haul a camper to your site or use four-wheel drive to head far off the beaten path, Ram Trucks will help you get set up in the wilderness. For camping gears and supplies, check out Ram Trucks Merchandise | Guts & Gear Patrol, July Camping Edition and Packing Checklist for Camping, Summer Edition.

4. Get Muddy – Summer is a great season to go off-roading and cover your truck in mud – but then, so is winter. No matter. After a good rain the trails are primed for spinning mud into the air and onto the sides of your Ram Truck. And when you return to your driveway, the weather is still warm enough to wash your truck with the hose, comfortably.

5. Complete a Big ProjectGet back to your roots and go to work – for yourself or for a loved one. Nothing makes that barbecue taste better or improves camping sleep more than the knowledge that you’ve put in a good, hard day’s work. Ram Trucks performance and capability will help you complete any project and give you a sense of accomplishment for the summer.

What do you have planned for the end of summer? Anything need to be complete on your Ram Trucks bucket list before the leaves start falling?