Ram Trucks Interactive Manual | 2013 Ram 1500

There are two kinds of owner’s manuals in this world. First (and most common) is the kind that provides practical answers to the nuts-and-bolts questions you have about your new car or truck—what psi is correct for my tires, how … Read More >>

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2013 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Makes Ward’s List of 10 Best Interiors

At the end of a hard day on the job site, there might be no better feeling than easing into the comfortable interior of a Ram Truck. The effect is even more pronounced with the 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn, … Read More >>

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2013 Ram 1500 | Why Buy Any Other Truck?

Picture this. You’re in the market for a new product, something substantial—let’s say it’s a new light-duty pickup truck. As a smart buyer, you compare two or even three generally similar products, weighing the upsides of each in relation to … Read More >>

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2013 Ram 1500 Named Rocky Mountain Truck of the Year

The rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains demands a truck that is equally as rugged, a truck with the on- and off-road capability to meet any challenge head-on, a truck like the 2013 Ram 1500. In fact, so up for … Read More >>

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The 2013 Ram 1500: A Necessary Part of Your Next Off-Roading Adventure

All off-roaders know it: that pang of excitement radiating outward through your body’s every nerve just as you turn off the hardtop onto the two-track or open range. The ground changes from blacktop to gravel or dirt, and the first … Read More >>

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